The UPR signs an agreement with UNESCO to strengthen educational innovation with artificial intelligence

In a theater full of scientists, teachers and people interested in how to responsibly maximize the advances of artificial intelligencethe president of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Luis Ferrao Delgadoand the director of the Capacity Development Section of the International Institute of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO, in English), Yuma Inzoliasigned this Friday a cooperation agreement to strengthen higher education in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

“At UNESCO, we have been promoting the use of artificial intelligence in education in a responsible, inclusive and sustainable way.”. We are honored to be here, at the University of Puerto Rico, supporting the materialization of this very pertinent Congress. We have taken the opportunity to sign the first collaboration agreement with the UPR to strengthen institutional ties,” shared Dr. Inzolia, in an aside with The new day.

The UPR held the first International Congress on Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education, together with a dozen experts in the innovative field. The event agenda was highlighted by topics such as bioinformatics, pedagogical models and the effects of artificial intelligence in education, economics and language, among others.