The secret clause why Borussia should lose the Champions League final against Real Madrid

It seemed impossible but Real Madrid achieved a new comeback at the Santiago Bernabéu that takes them directly to the Champions League final where they will have to overcome the tough Dortmund. With Joselu as the hero, the white team defeated Bayern Munich and will play its sixth final in eleven seasons on June 1 at Wembley. It was a magical night in which the whites achieved their goal. A pass that not only represents a sports prize but also a considerable financial income. Both the whites and Dortmund pocketed 15.5 million for going to London, a figure to which the champion will add an additional 4.5 million euros for lifting the gold medal.

However, although the objective of any European great is to lift the maximum continental trophy in the case of Borussia, although it may seem incredible, You gain more from a loss than a victory. Bild has brought to light the secret clause that places Borussia Dortmund facing a curious paradox ahead of the Champions League final: they would earn more money if they lost at Wembley than if they were champion of their second 'orejona'. The reason: Jude Bellingham.

A huge bonus

If Real Madrid becomes European champion on June 1, the Westfalia team He will receive 25 million euros for a bonus agreed upon in the signing of the English footballer plus the approximate 15 million euros prize awarded by UEFA to the runner-up. On the other hand, if BVB win the title, they would get the 20 million euros with which UEFA rewards the champion (15.5 million for reaching the final and 4.5 million for lifting the trophy), but they would not receive the bonus for Bellingham. Therefore, You would make more money if you lose than if you win.

And it so happens that Jude Bellingham will face none other than his former team. The Englishman arrived this summer after two seasons at Borussia Dortmund and has been very important from day one in Carlo Ancelotti's plans. This is why, to warm up the final, the German team sent a message on their social networks. A tweet in which, after learning about the contract bonus, many already see a double meaning.

Dortmund returns to the Champions League final for the first time since 2013, when, in a match also played at Wembley, the team then led by Jurgen Klopp fell to Bayern Munich and it seems clear that they will fight to achieve a feat against Real Madrid but thanks to English, his defeat would not be so bitter.