Can WhatsApp encourage you to be unfaithful? This feature allows you to hide conversations

Like any social network, these platforms seek to improve the performance and experience of their users. This is no different in WhatsApp, the messaging application owned by GoalMark Zuckerberg's company, which, like all the others, takes advantage of each new update to increase the security and privacy of its users.

Normally, these adjustments are well accepted by the public, however, it may be the case that some people do not welcome the possible new features that are added to the apps.

This has been the case of the tiktoker @marl.mbwho has published a video on the Chinese social network where he criticizes the most recent update of WhatsApp since, according to the user, “it gives more weapons to the infidels.”

It refers, specifically, to those new features that allow users send photos and audios that are played only once and, this being the one that the tiktoker put the most emphasis on, the function that allows users to block conversations and put an alphanumeric code so that it is not necessary to block the other user.

“Who makes these updates? It must be man who makes them,” he mockingly insinuated before proceeding to perform a demonstration of this new functionality of the instant messaging application. “Only an infidel would be capable of this,” added the user.

The debate around the publication

Given such a short video, which has accumulated more than 6 million views and has been shared more than 14,000 times since its publication, a great conversation was generated in the comments section, as there were users who gave their particular opinionmany in a more ironic way and others more seriously.

For example, a user argued that “he who wants to be unfaithful will do so with or without WhatsApp. Thinking about whether your partner was unfaithful to you hurts both of you. If he or she is unfaithful, he or she will be unfaithful anyway and there is nothing to do.” “.

Meanwhile, another took the update in a way More fun: “Thank you for the tutorial. I didn't know that you could do that. Thanks to you, I can now give my girlfriend my cell phone without worrying. Thank you very much.”

More WhatsApp updates

Other new features of the Meta application have to do with the restriction of messages to those accounts that fail to comply with the terms of use of the platform, and will consist of a temporary blocking of the user account.

This penalty will be based on the user not being able to start new conversations for a certain period of time, but Meta has already indicated that this restriction will not mean a permanent ban on users from using WhatsApp.