The Rogue Prince of Persia confirms plans for Early Access entry on PC

During the live Triple-I InitiativeUbisoft and the studio Evil Empire have announced 'The Rogue Prince of Persia', a 2D action and platform roguelite game that will be launched in access anticipated on Steam on May 14, 2024, (before doing so on other platforms). The video game takes as its framework a fictional recreation of Ctesiphon, the capital of the Persian Empire. The city faces an invasion of possessed soldiers of the Hun army, led by the evil Nogai and the players will put themselves in the shoes of the Prince, who has a mystical bowler who resurrects him every time he dies, to try to solve the situation.

mystical bowler

Fortunately for our alter ego, he will have this magical artifact, which has allowed him to take risks to perfect his acrobatic and combat skills since his youth, becoming a formidable warrior. In one attempt after another, you will have to help the prince Explore different biomes, master weapons, equip yourself with gadgets, upgrade your equipment and lead your allies to save the city from destruction. To master the platforming sections, you'll have to wall run to cross gaps, avoid traps, and outrun your enemies.

The Rogue Prince of PersiaUbisoft

Friends and enemies

“From the aqueduct to the great academy, crossing through the wild gardens, the Prince must use all his acrobatic skills to find a safe route through procedurally generated levels, in a variety of colorful biomes inspired by Persian architecture,” the editor details. But, in addition to overcoming environmental dangers, you will have to fight various enemies: both Huns who use dark magic, and creatures corrupted by their influence.

Regarding its mechanics, the entertainment house ensures variety of options to fit any playing style, from twin daggers to spears, greatswords and axes; As if that were not enough, we have secondary weapons such as shields, bows, hooks and much more. The game's soundtrack is produced and composed by ASADI, a Persian-American electronic music producer and performance artist. His work proposes a modern vision of Persian folklore in a fusion between current and traditional sounds, with rhythms that accompany the Prince's movements.


“Guide the Prince in his quest for redemption and to save his compatriots Ctesiphon from the Huns, masters of shamanic magic. Only by questioning his own actions, trying new paths and equipment at each attempt, with the support of those closest to him, can the Prince find a solution that saves his kingdom and demonstrates to his family the worth of he. “

Evil Empire

The studio has experience in action roguelites and 2D platforms. With the intention of starting a completely new project, they contacted Ubisoft and offered their own vision of the 'Prince of Persia' franchise. For this project, Ubisoft (as distributor) and Evil Empire (as a developer), they decided to release the game in early access on Steam to work with the community and make the best possible title, using a solid core as a base. As different stages are passed, the program plans to integrate new levels, bosses, weapons, enemies and apply upgrades that will arrive little by little, in addition to other additions based on community comments.