The OCU warns of data theft with a new scam: you must deactivate this popular function of your mobile phone as soon as possible

The vast majority of people have a Smartphone, that is, an intelligent mobile phone. There are more and more the improvements that these mobiles experience and they have endless improvements, functions or facilities that have emerged over the years. At the same time, more means have been developed to carry out scams and theft of sensitive informationin such a way that the OCU warns about a popular application with which cybercriminals can steal your personal data and money.

The evolution of smartphones has been marked by technological innovations that changed the way we communicate with the world. With the first attempts of this combination, the Simon from IBMbeing this the first device with applications and a touch screen. This device combined a mobile phone with an electronic diary for the first time, and introduced a touch screen and basic applications such as a calendar and calculator.

To this day, devices with numerous new features have been presented every year. We find mobile phones like the iPhone 15 or even foldable ones, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. Practically, we can do everything with our mobile phone. One of the functions it presents has also been maintained over time and continues to be very useful: the Bluetooth.

The popular application on your mobile that you should deactivate as soon as possible: the OCU alerts of a scam that steals your data

Despite its great usefulness, the OCU warns of ““Bluesnarfing”, an attack linked to this application with which cybercriminals can steal our data. In addition, it is a rather complicated technique to detect, as the organization explains.

Both the OCU and the Bank of Spain warn that with this technique, cybercriminals take advantage of the Bluetooth vulnerabilities to access the victim's mobile phone and steal your banking and personal details.

It is enough for the cybercriminal to be within distance between ten and fifteen meters. In this way, cybercriminals can use specific programs to connect with our device, without requiring prior authorization. So, Passwords and banking details could be compromised.

According to Bankinter, in addition to “Bluesnarfing”, there are many malicious practices that they can carry out. Such is the case of ““BlueSmacking”which is when the attacker sends several requests and receives more data packets than they can accept or that are larger than what they contribute, or the attack ““BlueBorne” It is generated when a device with malware first affects it, and then goes to other computers to which the already infected device connects via Bluetooth.