The new WhatsApp function so you can chat with contacts you don't chat with

At the moment WhatsApp It is the most used messaging app in the world, but 15 years ago it wasn't even such an application. In its first months, it only served to write a status -I'm at the gym, for example- that appeared next to the user's name and that other WhatsApp contacts could be aware of that information, but there was no message exchange as such. When users began to personalize these messages and use them as a form of communication between themselves, their developers They decided to turn it into a more popular messaging app than what was available then..

In these 15 years, the app has come a long way in which it has also gone acquiring functions that increasingly resemble a social networkalthough it is not in a strict sense if compared with others such as Facebook either instagram. For example, with States and Communities.

Now we have learned that WhatsApp has developed a new function that enhances the social aspect of the platform favoring interaction with contacts in the calendar with whom, for whatever reason, you do not chat with them. These, in most cases, are not few. Over time, it is normal to accumulate phone numbers that may have had a purpose at the time but are no longer used.

Function Start chatting.WABetainfo.

The specialized media WABetainfo reports that the function Start chatting has reached beta version of the Android app and will roll out to more users in the coming weeks. This feature recommends specific contacts in your calendar, with whom you don't chat, to start new conversations.

These suggested contacts will appear in a new section, under the aforementioned heading, which will be located at the end of the chat list. It is a location with very little visibility for most users, since it is not common to scroll to the last of the chats that have been opened over years of using the app, but it will be most useful for new WhatsApp accounts where it will be much more accessible and will promote the use of the application.