The Government proposes José Luis Escrivá as governor of the Bank of Spain and halts negotiations with the PP

The President of the Government has placed José Luis Escrivá, current Minister for Digital Transformation and for the Civil Service, at the top of his list of candidates to take the reins of the Bank of Spain and end the power vacuum left by Pablo Hernández de Cos after the end of his mandate on June 10, as reported by Voz Populi and confirmed by LA RAZÓN. But this first option presented by the Executive has not convinced the Popular Party, which wants to continue negotiating until reaching a consensus candidate.

For this reason, the Minister of Economy, Carlos Cuerpo, withdrew hours earlier his request to appear before the Economic Commission of the Congress of Deputies, where he intended to give the final name to occupy the post, but last-minute discrepancies have prevented this. And one of the reasons could be the disagreement with Escrivá’s proposal, both on the part of the PP and of the institution itself, of which Escrivá was a part in his first professional period.

The minister’s clashes with the former governor and his team in the previous legislature, when he was in charge of Social Security, are well known, due to disagreements over the sustainability of the public pension system and a reform that did not convince Hernández de Cos. Internal sources of the banking supervisor did not hide from this newspaper the suspicion that Escrivá arouses, although they showed their respect for whatever is decided.

At the moment, both parties are still negotiating an agreement on this unwritten pact for the renewal of the top management of the Bank of Spain, in which the governing party traditionally appoints the governor and the opposition party proposes the deputy governor.

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