Samsung presents its new range of foldables with innovations in AI

At a global event in Paris, Samsung has unveiled its entire Galaxy ecosystem, from its two new folding phones, the evolution of the Fold 5 and Flip 5, until A new smartwatch, headphones and the long-awaited smart ringThere are many new features and, pending testing, this is what we can deduce from the specifications and a prior contact.

Both the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and the Z Flip6 have improved the fold and hinge designs, something that has been happening from generation to generation. This is one of the fundamental elements in foldables in general and in this case Samsung is doing it correctly. The folding leaves less and less “air” between both sides, which prevents particles from entering and damaging the screens. The hinges are Visibly stronger and perform better, both factors contributing to greater durability. Added to this is a new reinforced edge that better distributes the inevitable blows, an architecture that uses improved Armor Aluminum and Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2. All of these factors extend the useful life of the foldable phones, something that was initially one of the major drawbacks of this type of mobile. Finally, both are equipped withQualcomm’s most advanced microchip, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

As far as the screen is concerned, we start with the individual. The Galaxy Z Fold6 includes a 7.6-inch full screen and the 6.3-inch folded screen, both Dynamic AMOLED. The cameras have the following distribution: three rear cameras of 4, 10 and 50 MP and one front camera of 10 MP.. It also has a RAM of 12 GB of RAM and up to 1 TB of internal storage. The battery is 4,400 mAh and provides up to 50% charge in 30 minutes. And yes, it has the option of wireless charging and sharing it.

In this particular section, the battery hasn’t changed much compared to the previous generation. And considering that many artificial intelligence features have been added, this may be worrying. Even without having tested it, there are some details that need to be understood. Although the battery numbers are what they are, that is not definitive. First, the software has improved and allows for better management of consumption. Second, the microchip does not heat up as much as previous generations and third (and last) both phones have a cooling system: The Galaxy Z Fold6 features a larger one and, for the first time, a vapor chamber in a Z Flip smartphone.. All of this, on paper, should contribute to the battery lasting at least the same, despite having greater demand. But, again, we will see soon.

When it comes to AI, the Galaxy Z Fold6 comes with a number of very interesting options. The well-known Note Assist app in Samsung Notes offers translation, summaries and automatic formatting for taking meeting notes. Added to that is the option to Integrated transcription allows you to transcribe, translate and resume voice recordings directly in Notes. Also interesting is that it allows you to translate PDF files.

For social networks, there are two new features also linked to AI. For example, the Editor function creates texts that imitate the usual tone by analyzing previous messages. There is a Sketch mode that, if we use the S Pen, allows create “works of art” from what we draw or from the photos we have in the gallery. And finally, in this section, the Night photography mode is directly integrated into Instagram, so if we want to take a photo in low light conditions and upload it to social networks, we can do it directly from the app. We’ll see how it works.

The Galaxy Fold 6 also carries Incorporated the latest Google Gemini applicationor AI built in. Simply swipe from the corner of the screen or say, “Hey Google” to bring up the Gemini overlay and get help typing, searching, or planning. For example, if you want to see who’s in a picture or video, just long-press the home button and circle, highlight, or tap on the screen, and the intelligent Circle to Search feature will instantly deliver search results.

Galaxy AI also features Interpreter and a new conversation mode that allows both parties to conveniently view translations on the main and external screensThis makes communication in countries where you don’t speak the language much easier, since both devices can see the text at the same time thanks to the outer and inner screens. There is also the option of one-way translation, to easily understand when listening during conferences or any other type of presentation, and the well-known Live Translate, which translates phone calls directly on the device in real time, but which is now being extended to other apps.

There are also new features in editing thanks to AI. For example, if we have an image of a person and we pass it through Portrait Studio, a variety of effects are created. different portrait styles, such as 3D cartoons or watercolorsThere is also an instant slow motion option that allows you to instantly slow down a video by generating additional frames.

The Galaxy Fold 6 is available from €2099 in grey, pink, dark blue and exclusively online in black and white

Now it’s the turn of the little one in the family, the Galaxy Z Flip6. Obviously, the specifications here are different. It does have the same processor as its older brother. But its screens are 6.7 and 3.4 inches (Dynamic AMOLED and Super Amoled respectively), the 10 MP selfie camera and the 12 and 50 MP rear cameras. Its RAM is shared (also 12 GB), but storage reaches 512 GB. The battery is 4,000 mAh. 50% charge in 30 minutes. And yes, it has wireless charging and the option to share charge.

One of the great assets of the small screen of Flip is its use without having to open or even activate the mobile. The ability to interact very directly with all the information. Just as the folding and hinge system has improved over time, so has this 3.4-inch screen. One of the new features is that it now allows AI-assisted functions without even having to open the device. For example, there is the option to respond to text messages with Suggested Responses: previous messages are analyzed to suggest responses. We can also access Samsung Health notifications or select the next song we want to listen to in the music widget. In fact, the number of widgets that this screen now allows has increased and so has the number of widgets that this screen now allows. The possibility of consulting information from several people simultaneously arrives.

The use of AI is also seen, for example, in the Photo Ambient function: the wallpaper can change in real time based on the time and weather. With the Auto Zoom option, when we take a picture, the function FlexCam automatically finds the best frame for your photo by detecting the subject and zooming in. or zooming out before making the necessary adjustments. A very good option for selfies if we don’t want to choose between landscapes or people. And ​​all hands-free and remotely. The Nightography option, which allows for nighttime photos linked to Instagram, is also available on the Flip 6. As I said, there have been many improvements in several areas and the AI ​​has very good audiences, but all of this will have to be tested to see if it keeps its promises.

The Galaxy Flip 6 is available from €1209 in grey, yellow, blue, mint and, exclusively online, in black, white and peach.

Finally, they have also introduced the Galaxy Buds 3 series headphones, which also feature Samsung’s artificial intelligence system: Galaxy AI. What makes them different? For example, they also They have the Interpreter mode, for simultaneous translation, This is very useful if you are on the street and want to know what people are saying in another country, at a conference or in a class. In addition, by just saying two words through Voice Commands you can control functions such as playing or stopping music without having to manually touch the headphones or the phone.

The two tones of the Galaxy Buds 3SamsungSamsung

The sound can also be intelligently optimized: they analyze internal and external sound in real time to improve the sound quality and active noise cancellation (ANC). So when listening to audio, theThe headphones constantly pick up sound from your surroundings and automatically adjust to the optimal noise level..

This evolution also slightly changes the design to fit the ear with two options: GalaxyBuds3 and Buds3 Pro. The latter are canal-type for those looking for immersive sound, while the Buds3 are open-type for those who prefer to use the device in various situations for a long period of time.

Thanks to a pre-trained model based on machine learning, it is able to restore the original voice of the interlocutor in various noisy environments. The battery allows for up to 30 hours of playback, without activating noise cancellation. We’ll see how long it takes to charge and how it performs. The Galaxy Buds are available from €179 in silver and white.