The company that owns the Ábalos chalet in Cádiz owes more than 26 million to the Treasury

«The Ábalos chalet totally free», as defined by the PP spokesperson in Congress, Miguel Tellado, belongs to a company that owes 26,617,721 euros to the Treasury, as stated in the documentation of the voluntary bankruptcy proceedings for the liquidation of the company, with date of last April 18. In the Tax Agency’s list of defaulters in 2023, it was ranked number 13, with 64,435,196 euros.

The chalet in question was enjoyed by the former minister and former Secretary of Organization of the PSOE José Luis Ábalos on the coast of Cádiz for at least six months, between 2021 and 2022, owned by Have Got Time SL, a company linked to Víctor de Aldamaaccording to an investigation by “El Mundo”.

The owner of the property had Aldama as an advisor for 3.5 million euros. The commission agent of the «Koldo plot» He was hired in May 2021 and a month later the property was acquired, which was subsequently rented to Ábalos during the month of July. The then minister only paid, always according to this information, the first month’s rent. The former number three of the PSOE was dismissed by the president, Pedro Sánchez, on July 10.

The relationship between Have Got Time SL and Aldama would have begun in May 2021 through their company MTM 180 capital SL, which received illegal commissions for businesses linked to the Ministry of Transportation that Ábalos directed.

Have Got Time SL, established on January 7, 2021 with a share capital of 3,000 euros and dedicated to «wholesale trade in oil and lubricants», It has not presented annual accounts since its foundation, as recorded in the Madrid Commercial Registry, and this newspaper has verified this after lawyer Guillermo Rocafort alerted of this circumstance. The previous debt of 64,435,196 was generated in “only” two years, “but it was enough time to enter 13th place on the list” of the AEAT – where it appears on the first page of a total of 94 -, shows its ” “strangeness” the lawyer.

The bankruptcy administrator for its liquidation has been appointed by Commercial Court No. 7 of Madrid, as stated in the official document that certifies the debt, with a general privilege for the aforementioned almost 27 million euros – a bad debt, since the bankruptcy administrator requests that the procedure be declared fortuitous; ordinary of 26,907,464.11 euros and subordinated of 13,836,435.20, which totals 67,361,621.16 euros.

The documentation contains the «Farm of the Linea de la Concepción» –where Ábalos resided– worth 303,620 euros, and a “lot of vehicles” which amounts to 122,760.

Have Got Time SL’s corporate purpose is the “refining, marketing, intermediation, storage, and distribution of oil and derivatives and the operation of service stations. (CNAE Main activity 4671)». A second heading includes “wholesale and retail trade of all types of fuels and oils” and, finally, “the purchase, sale, exchange, rental and administration of real estate.”

The company, which has its registered office in Las Rozas (Madrid), is not listed on the Stock Exchange and was previously located on Juan Bravo Street in the capital.