could bring very strong storms, such as supercells or squall lines

The week has started with stability and heat in most of the country, however a new DANA is going to radically change the weatherthis Tuesday. Storms will once again be the protagonists in many areas of Spain. Its impact will be very irregular but locally they may be strong and accompanied by hail among other adverse phenomena in the Peninsula.

The prediction of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) indicates that Seven autonomous communities (those of Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha, Galicia, Madrid and La Rioja) are on alert due to the forecast of strong storms throughout the day.

All notices are “yellow” type and in most cases the storms, which will occur especially throughout the afternoon, can be accompanied by hail. In addition to the storm warnings, a weather alert for heat has been activated in the community of Andalusiain anticipation of the temperatures reach 38 degrees in the Córdoba countryside, according to data from the AEMET, which has activated the “yellow” warning in that area. The storms will begin in the early afternoon, around 2:00 p.m. in most regions, and will continue until late into the night.

Already the Wednesday, DANA will probably have been positioned over the Atlantic, very close to the southwest of the peninsula, although the AEMET points out that there is a high uncertainty about its exact trajectory and small changes in this sense can cause important differences in the prediction. Most likely it could lead to storms in large areas of the Peninsula during this day. They will generally have a dispersed character, but could reach strong intensity and be accompanied by hailespecially in mountainous areas this day, in the north and east of the Peninsula, and without ruling it out in nearby areas.

Temperatures could drop in the southwest of the peninsula, although this depends on the degree of proximity that DANA has this day. In the north of the Peninsula, it will be a warmer day than the previous one. In the eastern Cantabrian Sea, temperatures will reach 30 to 32ºC and the Ebro Valley, 34 to 37ºC, as well as in areas of the northern plateau, the center of the peninsula and points in the southern half.

He Thursday DANA will continue to descend in latitude until the Gulf of Cádiz and The effects on our territory will be more adverse and extensive, with heavy showers accompanied by storms and hail. lThe most affected area could be the southwestern quadrant of the peninsula, although it is not ruled out that the effects could extend to other areas of the Peninsula, being less likely in the eastern third. Temperatures would continue to drop, although prediction models differ in the areas where the drop would be greatest. In this sense, it seems that on Thursday it will continue to be quite hot in the east of the Peninsula and also in the Balearic Islands, where temperatures could exceed 34ºC and even 36 to 38ºC in the Ebro Valley.

For the day of Friday DANA is expected to advance towards the northeast, settling over the Peninsula and extending locally strong showers with storms and hail to large areas of the northern half of the peninsula, without ruling them out in the southern half and less likely in the southeast and extreme northeast. peninsular. That day, the AEMET hopes that The drop in temperatures extends to almost the entire territory, with a warm atmosphere only in the northeast of the Peninsula, points in the Mediterranean area and the Balearic Islands. In the rest, on Friday it would not reach 30ºC and the atmosphere would be cold for the time, with temperatures between 5 and 10ºC lower than normal for the time in much of the interior of the peninsula.

Locally strong and organized storms

For its part, Meteored indicates that the most likely scenario places DANA over the southwest of the peninsula during Wednesday and Thursday. Later it will cross the Peninsula towards the northeast. DANA will push a mass of warm air over the east of the peninsula that will also acquire humidity over the Mediterranean, so temperatures in the east and center of the peninsula will continue to rise and storms will be very likely in large areas. Between Wednesday and Thursday, storms will be more widespread, organized and intense. Inside these storms, locally heavy showers accompanied by large hail and gusts of strong wind.

According to Meteored experts, during these days, the breezes from the Mediterranean and the Eastern Cantabrian Sea will provide humidity to large areas of the interior and will facilitate the development of clouds. “At altitude, DANA will generate appropriate shear for the organization of these storms, and may even develop complex structures such as squall lines and other mesoscale convective systems. The appearance of supercells cannot be ruled out either.“, they warn.

As for temperatures, with the presence of DANA in the west of the peninsula, an advection of warm air will leave them significantly elevated throughout the center and east of the peninsula between Tuesday and Thursday. In the west and southwest, however, the highest maximums will occur this Tuesday.