The AEMET indicates the areas with minimum temperatures of 10 degrees below zero

The emergence of an arctic air mass has returned winter cold to the northeast of the Peninsula this Tuesday, with temperatures more typical of February than the final stretch of April, as well as the appearance of intense frosts in several regions. Some areas of Spain will be at most 10 degrees. Among the provincial capitals, it will be colder in Pamplona, ​​Soria and Vitoria (10 degrees), and Burgos and Logroño (12).

The early morning has already been freezing in many placeswith temperatures minimums between 4 and 7 degrees below normal, which in some cases have been among the 5 percent of the coldest recorded on these dates. “These are low temperatures for the season,” says the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) on the social network take warm clothes.

The lowest temperatures in Spain

In some mountain stations the temperatures were early in the morning below -10 degrees, according to Efe. For example in Cap de Vaquèira and Port Ainein the province of Lleida (Catalonia)with -11.3 degrees and -10.9 degrees, respectively.

In Cerler and Astún (Huesca) the records marked the beginning of the day -10.5 degrees and -9.7 degrees respectively while in the central zone, in the La Pinilla ski resort (Segovia) the thermometers showed -6.5 degrees. In Madrid, in Alto del León, temperatures have dropped to levels of -5.3 degrees.

As the day progresses the temperatures are softening. Even so, at 10:00 a.m., thermometers marked 1 degree below zero in areas such as El Espinar (Segovia), Molina de Aragón (Guadalajara) and Puigcerdá (Girona), and up to 2 degrees below zero was recorded in Benasque (Huesca). . In towns like the city of Ávila the temperature at that time was 1 degree and in Madrid, capital, 6.

Milder temperatures in the rest of the Peninsula

Faced with this polar cold at dawn, especially in the northern and central half of the peninsula, on the contrary, in the south and northern coastal areas temperatures are milder: between 16-17 degrees in Malaga or Seville, 15 degrees in Huelva, 13 degrees in Murcia, and 12 degrees in Vigo (Galicia) and Santander. During the day, it is expected to warm especially in Huelva and Seville (26), and Córdoba (25).

During the next cold air masses will predominate in our geographical environment. Thus, unlike last year, April will end with temperatures lower than usual for the time of year, notes the AEMET.