SpaceX's Starship rocket takes off successfully but is lost upon returning to the atmosphere

SpaceX carried out this Thursday from Boca Chica, Texas, the third test flight of Starship -the largest and most powerful ship in the world that seeks to reach outer space- after two failed attempts made in April and November 2023, which ended in explosions.

The company confirmed the “loss” of the ship shortly after making its re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere and before it reached the waters of the Indian Ocean. However, the test was described as a “huge success” during the live broadcast.

Following the successful takeoff, which took place around 8:25 am local time, from a platform at Starbase, SpaceX's base, Both stages of the rocket separated successfully, although the first, called Super Heavy, did not complete its return to earth successfully.

The other part, the Starship itself, successfully continued its planned journey of almost one orbit around the planet, during which it traveled at an altitude of about 160 kilometers and at a speed of more than 26,000 km/h.