EPA finalizes cleanup plan for Battery Recycling: it will cost $19.26 million

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized and published the cleaning plan to remediate contamination in soil and groundwater The Battery Recycling Companyin Arecibowhich contemplates removal and treatment in the same place.

The cost of the initiative exceeds $19.26 million, of which $1.56 million corresponds to actions to remediate groundwater and $17.7 million corresponds to the measures that will be taken to improve the soil.according to the 300-page document.

The land of the former lead smelting and battery recycling facility, which operated until 2014, is among the most contaminated sites among U.S. jurisdictions. Specifically, contaminants in the soil include arsenic and lead, while, in groundwater, volatile organic compounds have been identified.

“EPA has already taken significant steps to address the most pressing risks present at this site and we are now moving forward with a long-term solution to remediate remaining contamination and prevent further exposure.”explained the regional administrator Lisa Garcia in a press release.