So you can see how many WhatsApp messages you have sent and received in your life

Every day 100,000 million messages are sent through the WhatsApp app, about 100 times more than in 2011. The numbers and popularity of the app mean that new configurations are updated every week, some interesting, such as prevent them from adding us to chat groupst without our consent or other more strange ones such as showing contacts in order of importance according to our own criteria. The reality is that more than 96% of Spaniards use WhatsApp daily. And the The number of messages we send is such that we do not measure it. Luckily there is a way to find out.

To find out how many messages we have received and sent since we opened the WhatsApp account, we must go to Settings on the main page, then select Storage and Data and there click on Data Usage.

Record of calls and messages on WhatsAppJ.S.J.S.

There we can see, at the top, since when does accounting begin. The date may not coincide with the first time we use the application, either because we changed our mobile phone or because we did not save messages prior to that date. Then we will see the number of calls we have made and received, the multimedia files sent and received and the number of messages.

Which We will not be able to see how many messages a certain person has sent us or how many calls correspond to a specific contact. At the end of this section we will also have the possibility to reset the statistics to count from a certain date.

What is this for? On the one hand, it allows you to control your frequency of use of the application, on the other, by indicating data usage, it is possible to see how many megabytes you use in the application, and if much of that data has been roaming and where.