So you can access the three playable demos of the return of the SaGa Emerald Beyond series

Square Enix has published the three playable demos of the new role-playing title 'SaGa Emerald Beyond' for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam). In these previews we can discover more about three of the protagonists of production and advance the game before launch, as it will be possible move save data from early version to full title on their respective platform.

Specific demos

These game previews for PlayStation, Switch and PC can be downloaded from the stores of the respective platforms and will open several hours of the plot of three different characters of the six that make up the launch roster.

SaGa Emerald Beyondsquare enix

Tsunanori Mido (PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4): A man capable of manipulating kugutsu puppets to protect the barrier surrounding his city, Miyako City. When all kinds of supernatural phenomena plague the city, Tsunanori embarks on an adventure to other worlds with the goal of finding four elemental spirits who will restore order.

Ameya (Nintendo Switch): A budding sorceress who visits Miyako City and poses as a schoolgirl as part of her graduation exam. Ameya loses practically all of her magic when a stranger attacks her, and she must find a way to regain her powers to pass the final exam.

Diva No. 5 (PC): A mechanical singer designed to sing and dance from the world of Avalon. After singing a forbidden song, her memory and ability to sing are blocked, so Diva also loses her livelihood. In an act of desperation, Diva discards her human body and accepts the invitation of a secret society, leaving Avalon behind her.

SaGa Emerald Beyond

With the production Square Enix is ​​betting on the return of the 'SaGa' franchise. The Japanese RPG promises a story with multiple narratives, where the player's decisions will lead to different paths. According to the game's description, there are 17 different worlds that the player will explore, or not, depending on their actions. “The story evolves every time you visit a world, allowing you to meet the protagonists and a universe of new possibilities,” explains the developer of the video game that will be released on April 25, 2024 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC and iOS and Android devices.