Setback for Pablo Motos: an employee of 'El Hormiguero' dies in an accident

Hard times for the team that works in front of and behind the cameras of 'El Hormiguero'. One of its members has lost his life, as has just been announced through social networks, leaving many of his colleagues in shock. Especially because Alvaro Lopez Sanchezas was the name of the young man who worked as musical assistant, has died at the young age of 36, as a result of a traffic accident. Although the news has not emerged until now, the truth is that the accident in which she lost her life took place last Monday, May 13, as highlighted by 'La Opinión de Murcia'.

“From the educational team of the Higher Conservatory of Music of Murcia we want to show our dismay at the sad loss of our colleague, Professor Álvaro López Sánchez,” they lament his unexpected death from the conservatory where he worked as a professor and teacher, earning the sympathy and admiration of colleagues and students, who now mourn his loss. The same feeling that he has left in Pablo Motos' team, where he worked for a time as a musical assistant and where he also knew how to leave his mark. Now, those who had the opportunity to share time and routines with him on the Antena 3 program They make pineapple to remember him and keep his memory alive.

As highlighted by the aforementioned Murcia media, The health workers could do little to save the life of Álvaro López Sánchez. After the accident, a team of firefighters and also the health services quickly moved to the scene of the accident, and despite their rapid intervention they could not do anything to save his life. The tragedy has settled among his loved ones, also among his colleagues at the Superior Conservatory of Murcia and in 'El Hormiguero' where he was very loved.

It is not being an easy week for Pablo Motos. The death of one of his employees has been a setback, as has learning that his star signing, Tamara Falcó, is willing to be unfaithful to the competition. The Marchioness of Griñón has decided join the cast of the 'Got Talent' jury after Edurne's departure, so it becomes part of the Mediaset family. Even so, this Thursday they made it clear that his contract did not represent a conflict of interest with his work in 'El Hormiguero', since he could combine them. He does not lose his most media-worthy collaborator, but now he must share her with her rivals, something that has not particularly pleased him, but to which he has had to agree.