Saturday's gadget: realme 12 Pro +, mid-range in detail

In the mobile sector, the mid-range is the most competitive. Not only do you have to deal with those that are lower in price and improve their performance month by month, but also with high-end models from other years that reduce their prices. Therefore, these mobile phones must have the best quality/price ratio possible. And that is precisely what the realme 12 Pro+, the latest smartphone launched by the Chinese manufacturer.

With a tight priced at €499 and available with a vegan leather back (good manufacturing and resistance) blue or beige, the 12 Pro+ aspires to be a reference in well-known aspects of the house, mainly the battery: 5,000 mAh with 67 W fast charging, which translates into a 50% charge in 15 minutes and a “full tank” in less than 45, with a competent autonomy that is close to 7 hours. Good in this section.

We can also say that it stands out in the cameras, both for the design (the rear one is a notable attraction both for its size and its features). The main lenses, 8, 50 and 64 MP They behave reliably, highlighting in particular the 50 MP that includes one of Sony's most advanced sensors (the LYT600) and the telephoto lens (64MP) that incorporates three magnifications, something that is not usually seen in this range of mobile phones. . And in this one it works very well. Like the detail seen in the portraits: It is not a high-end, but it certainly comes close and stands out comfortably among the mid-range. His treatment of landscapes also deserves mention. Of course (not everything could be good), night photography is not his thing.

Interesting, however, is the video topic. They have collaborated with director Carmen Miranda to create their own cinematographic filters, one of them, very useful, the bokeh in cinema mode. Very well done.

Another aspect in which it stands out is that it is an attractive mobile in two colors. Vegan leather (a really textured, treated plastic) is very grippy, reduces fingerprints, and lasts a long time.

On the screen we are faced with a 6.7-inch AMOLED, with curved design… perhaps too curved when it comes to touch: sometimes it interprets grip by touch and the screen is activated. It's not annoying in most tasks, but if we're playing a video game or watching a movie, it can be confusing. And, taking advantage of the audiovisual situation: in sound, good for having Dolby Atmos, a guarantee of quality, but, on the opposite side of the scale, it does not stand out in the bass frequencies and it shows. Glow? 950 nits, just right. Expected refresh rate: 120 Hz.

And now comes one of the most complex sections: the processor. Take a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7s Gen 2, a brain that, despite its nomenclature, is in the mid-range. And with little room for maneuver. Perhaps if I had opted for the next generation of processors, the same one, but in the plus version (see +) it would be a much more complex mobile phone. It would be more expensive, yes, but not much more and it would have a better battery ratio, you would get more out of Android 14 and photography. Logically, it would already be above 500 euros and it would not be as competitive.


If you are looking for a very good design, a good camera (very versatile in video), an excellent battery and a reliable manufacturer, the realme 12 Pro+ is one of the best on the market. But if in the equation, the main weight is carried by the camera or the processor, there are other options.