Rodolfo Sancho breaks down before Arrieta's lawyers: “We gave him a hug”

“There are two ways to take when things come in life, as a misfortune or as a challenge. I think I have said enough. They won't get tears from me“This is how blunt Rodolfo Sancho was in his first statements after learning that his son had been arrested in Thailand for the murder of Edwin Arrieta.

The actor showed a harshness for which he was later forced to explain and apologize, but the truth is that he has remained in his line throughout all this time and The image that has always been transmitted is that of temperance facing one of the most complicated situations that a parent can face.

But behind that iron appearance hides a man worried about the future of a son who, let us remember, faces the death penalty. The media pressure surrounding Sancho's case does not help to make this ordeal more bearable either, and Even Rodolfo has moments when he lets his guard down. and shows his most human side.

Rodolfo Sancho, in the Koh Samui courtJoaquin Campos

It is surprising, however, that he does so before the Spanish lawyers of the family of Edwin Arrieta, the victim, who defend that Daniel Sancho premeditatedly murdered the surgeon. If during the first day of the trial it was Juan Gonzalo Ospina who revealed to LA RAZĂ“N that he had met Rodolfo in the corridors of the Koh Samui court and that they exchanged kind and respectful words, now it has been his partner Beatriz Uriarte who has narrated another emotional moment between both parties.

It happened during a break on the second day of the trial, when they had a talk and the actor showed his most vulnerable side. “I'll keep the conversation to myself, because they are private things, but Yes, I will say that we have given him a hug and that I am deeply sorry for how all this is affecting this father.“, indicated the lawyer in the “TardeAR” program.

Wounds and bruises

Without forgetting the serious charges that Daniel Sancho faces, it must not be easy for his parents to find him sitting in court every day, shackled hands and feet with chains that caused some injuriessuch as wounds and bruises.

Silvia Bronchalo, mother of Daniel Sancho, upon arrival at the Koh Samui court
Silvia Bronchalo, mother of Daniel Sancho, upon arrival at the Koh Samui courtJoaquin Campos

Even so, Rodolfo Sancho tries to appear strong in front of the cameras, an attitude somewhat different from that of Silvia Bronchalo. Maintaining a discreet background compared to his ex-husband, the defendant's mother declared that “no one has won, we have all lost” upon his arrival at court on the second day of the trial.