Puerto Rican researcher becomes the first Latina to graduate from the “Anatomy Scholars Program”

The Puerto Rican doctor Jailenne Quiñones Rodríguez She became the first Latina to graduate from “Anatomy Scholars Program”, that offers the American Anatomy Association with the goal of supporting the retention of underrepresented minorities in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM, in English).

Regarding her achievement, the scientist commented that, “for me, it is very special and very important, since I represent Puerto Rican women who, every day, fight to obtain better resources and be able to create an inclusive environment where we can feel represented.”

In interview with The new daythe researcher believed that there is a limited perception about the importance of the study of anatomy because there are few scientists trained in Puerto Rico in this field.

Quiñones Rodríguez studies the frequency of morphological variants in the human body and how these differences can represent a risk of diagnostic errors, in order to avoid these failures, as well as complications in patients undergoing surgical interventions.