Over 10,000 people came to Aguadilla to see a United States Air Force hurricane hunter plane

Nearly 10,000 people gathered this Saturday at the Rafael Hernandez Airport, in Aguadillato see a hurricane hunting plane up close and to learn about the functions that the crew performs every time a tropical storm or hurricane hits.

“In a safe, familiar and free environment, thousands of people took advantage of this opportunity to see the plane, share with meteorology and scientific personnel, as well as personnel from municipalities and state and federal agencies who offered guidance on the services they offer. “, he expressed Nino Correa Filomenocommissioner of Bureau for Emergency Management and Disaster Administration (Nmead), agency that was in charge of the activity.

As explained by the meteorologist and warning coordinator of the National Weather Service (SNM), Ernesto Moraleshe WC-130J Weatherbird aircraft of the United States Air Force Reserve arrived on the island with a crew that included the director of the National Hurricane Center (CNH), Michael BrennanYet the Puerto Rican First Lieutenant Amaryllis Cotto, Houston SNM meteorologist and one of only 20 aerial weather reconnaissance officers.