Orca calf stranded in a lagoon in Canada will be airlifted to the ocean

Vancouver, Canada — The baby orca stranded in a remote tidal lagoon north of Vancouver Island She will be flown out of the area in an effort to reunite her with her family.Canadian authorities said Wednesday.

The plan consists of place the two-year-old calf in a harness, take it out of the lagoon by helicopter and put it in a net enclosure in the ocean while they wait for their family pack to be nearby to release them, Department of Fisheries and First Nations officials explained.

Rescuers have been unable to remove the calf from the area since its pregnant mother became stranded in the lagoon at low tide and died on March 23.

The plan was agreed upon during a meeting between Ehattesaht First Nation council members, Department of Fisheries officials and marine technical experts.

The boss of the Ehattesaht First NationSimon John said that his people has a deep cultural and spiritual connection with orcas and have received calls of concern and support from all over the world.

Paul Cottrell, marine mammal coordinator for the Department of Fisheries, said the rescue will occur in the next two weeks.