OptimumTIC shines at the Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress

The BCC also increased its number of exhibitors by 25%, reaching in this 5th edition 70 companies specialized in offering professionals, companies and industries the latest developments and solutions to stop or minimize the risk of suffering cyber attacks in an increasingly interconnected.

Participants such as OptimumTIC, a company founded 15 years ago by Rosa Ortuño, an expert in cybersecurity and a benchmark in the sector for its complete transversal service solutions from measurement to regulatory compliance and platform or solution to implement. OptimumTIC had the honor of having its own space within the stand thanks to the Catalan Cybersecurity Agency, which has accompanied the companies represented at this Congress at all times.

Certified Partner of leading solutions

OptimumTIC stands out for having current leading solutions in the cybersecurity market, being a certified Partner of some for more than 10 years. Specifically, Fortinet, Palo Alto and other leading and innovative solutions, such as Druva, Jamf, ProofPoint, Netskope, Tanium, ManageEngine or RecorDfuture.

All of them are solutions that, from the OptimumTIC Management, as a great visionary of the necessary transversality in cybersecurity, has had the support and has been able to provide support and response at all times. Both as manufacturers of solutions that they market and also as manufacturers that have had a prominent presence at this congress, some with their own stand from which they have explained their solutions first-hand.

OptimumTIC only supplies solutions with services managed with compliance and during the congress it met other possible manufacturers to integrate, since the company run by Rosa Ortuño is specialized in advanced cybersecurity solutions.

The company participated in an event that, organized together with the IOT World Solutions Congress, welcomed more than 12,000 visitors from 100 countriesOptimumTIC

Presentation of tailored innovations

The Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress has been a large-scale event and the ideal setting for the exhibition of innovations and the exchange of knowledge in various technological areas and industrial sectors; such as IoT, solutions and management that OptimumTIC addresses with the most notable tools and platforms in the sector and with risk prediction and mitigation from the source.

In this context, OptimumTIC stood out with the presence of a team of 30 professionals, of which half were women experts in the sector. The OptimumTIC team has been taking turns at the stand according to the agenda that had already closed visits with clients and those interested in learning about their services from GRC, Audits, Master Plan, Support to norms and regulations such as RGPD, ENS, ISO, DORA, NIS2. And also from the technical area offering vision of its SDWAN, Networking, layer seven FW services, and Patching and prevention solutions against vulnerabilities, and the great star of our intelligent Orchestration and Transformation service – SOC – flexible and scalable for Your clients.

Featured participation

The congress began on Tuesday the 21st with a great participation of the OptimumTIC team from the IT Compliance, Privacy and Networking area. During this day, the team presented the latest developments in their areas of specialization, which not only strengthened relationships with current clients, but also made it possible to capture new contacts and business opportunities.

On Wednesday the 23rd it was the turn of the SOC (Intelligent Security Operations Center) team and its manager, who were in charge of presenting the most recent implementations in the field of computer security. This presentation was key to show the company's commitment to innovation and the protection of its clients' data, as well as to demonstrate the technical capabilities and effectiveness of the new solutions developed by the team.

Finally, on Thursday the 23rd, there was a notable presence from the manufacturers JAMF, a recognized leader in endpoint and MAC device protection, and Proofpoint, an expert in email protection and in training and awareness against phishing. Both contributed invaluable added value to the event. Their interventions not only enriched the knowledge of the attendees, but also highlighted the importance of having comprehensive and high-quality solutions to face the challenges of cybersecurity in the current business environment.

A prestigious professional

Rosa Ortuño, a computer engineer and entrepreneur and visionary with more than 20 years in cybersecurity, led this group of her own professionals. Today she is recognized in the market for her great experience, enthusiasm, rigor and for continuous evaluation and training of her entire team, in addition to being the CEO and founder of the company specialized in cybersecurity with complete transversal managed services from 15 years ago now. “We are very grateful to have participated in this year's BCC, with the support of the Catalan Cybersecurity Agency and the Digital Catalonia Alliance. We thank each and every one of those who came to our stand to get information, to accompany us, to be there, to meet us or simply to greet us, for their great support, interest and human quality. The congress has allowed us not only to strengthen relationships and have new business opportunities, but above all we have been able to meet face to face, show our experience and transparency, talk about topics that encompass cybersecurity and share knowledge with all those who have this great concern. of continuous improvement” said Rosa Ortuño.

From OptimumTIC They expect continuity in this type of events that make cybersecurity known and brought closer to citizens and professionals, a sector that is talked about a lot, but that is little known and increasingly necessary in our current society and in the strategy and government of Any company.