Frank Cuesta counterattacks and sends a dart to Rodolfo Sancho: “My children play football, I have educated my children”

In case of Daniel Sancho It continues to be one of the topics that arouses the greatest interest while waiting to hear the sentence next August 29. Before that the son of Rodolfo Sancho will have to face a new judicial process, this time in Madrid, June 5 for an alleged crime of injuries against a taxi driver in Madrid. There have been many voices that have spoken out about the situation of the young chef, as well as making some quite harsh statements. It is not the first time that Frank Cuesta talks about the case, but on this occasion he has launched a serious warning to Rodolfo Sancho.

The former presenter of the “Frank de la Jungla” format has expressed some very controversial words about the case. There are those who might think that he has acquired a mania Daniel Sancho and his family. However, his extensive knowledge of Thai justice, after his ex-wife, Yuyee, served time for a drug deal, has made him an opinion leader on the case. Last week Carmen Balfagonspokesperson for the Sancho family, spoke on Telemadrid to announce that they would take legal action against the animal expert after his latest statements that they had “purchased from the judge or prosecutor”.

A Spanish chef alleged murder suspect Daniel Jeronimo Sancho Bronchalo (C), is escorted by Thai police officers to the court from Koh Phangan police station in Koh Phangan island, southern Thailand, 07 August 2023.SOMKEAT RUKSAMANEFE Agency

Frank Cuesta has taken advantage of his appearance on lawyer Pablo Franco's podcast to respond clearly and forcefully to the lawyer: “I don't know if Rodolfo has reported me, but, normally, when you have to file a complaint, you file it and that's it. You don't go on television saying that you're going to file a complaint, but, well, that's much better than being dismembered.”

It has not been by far the thing that has caused the most blisters, because later he made a comparison between his way of educating his children and that of Rodolfo: “My children play football, I have educated my children. And this person has raised a son that he dismembers. Very sorry. They are there because a member of their family has dismembered a person.. It is not known whether he killed him premeditatedly or not, but it is clear that he killed him, dismembered him and threw him in the trash. Furthermore, he has maintained the statements he recently made: “If I say on a live show that they are obviously going to give him the death penalty or life imprisonment and that is not the case, it means that someone has paid the judge, the prosecutor or someone. Obviously, they are going to give him that penalty.”

And the naturalist does not fully understand the way of thinking of the defense at the moment: “Rodolfo Sancho and his lawyers should be worrying about other things right now and not what people say on a channel. Quite a few lives have been screwed in that family, but if they want to do it with me, we'll go to war.”.