OMEN presents its gaming innovations among haute cuisine dishes inspired by video games

Haute cuisine and the video game They have much more in common than you might imagine. At least that’s what they think in HPwhich has chosen to present its new gaming devices OMEN and HyperX among the dishes that made up a menu created expressly to merge these two apparently so distant universes. Inspired by Sara Condethe influencer knew how to create an exclusive menu taking as reference elements of such relevant franchises as ‘League of Legends‘ either ‘Valorant‘, currently recognized as the main exponents of the global competitive landscape.

An unrepeatable meal

The facilities of The Kitchen Club in the Spanish capital were the epicentre of a unique banquet in four stages and seven courses consisting of cocktails, appetizers, starters, main courses and dessert, each one closely related to characters from famous titles as well as to the novelties that were on display there. For example, the new laptop OMEN 17 for gamers with a larger screen and high-quality images, or the wireless mouse HyperX Pulsefire Haste 2 Core high-performance. But that generous range of top-of-the-line computers, accessories, peripherals and software has taken a backseat, eclipsed by an unprecedented initiative that combines the most creative food and the ever-attractive world of video games.

Omen EventThe Kitchen Club

The menu included such sophisticated dishes as “Chain of Corruption”, inspired by Varus from ‘LoL’, a cocktail with cranberry juice, blackberry, grenadine and sparkling water, accompanied by a skewer of blackberries. “Resurrection”, a blue Dim Sum of prawn and pork with spinach, ginger and coriander emulsion, inspired by Sage from ‘Valorant’. “Spirit of the Dragon”, a plate of crispy cheese balls, beef and Sriracha sauce with Thai mayonnaise and lemon chips accompanied by caprese spheres, a tasty madness inspired by Lee Sin. To close, the dessert was provided by a “Shurima Cheesecake”, a coconut cheesecake with salted toffee, cinnamon and dates based on K’Sante from ‘LoL’.

Omen Event
Omen EventThe Kitchen Club

Passion for cooking and video games

The project is actually another example of how video game culture is permeating different areas of society. It is no longer just a hobby, but has gained influence, even flirting with the high kitchens. But in reality, the passion for cooking and video games has already manifested itself in less ambitious, but decidedly more playful ways, as in the case of the American chef Rosanna Pansino, who has been publishing recipes inspired by video games for years. These are mainly sweets that copy designs from ‘Zelda‘, ‘Mario‘, ‘Overwatch‘, or themed pizzas from franchises like ‘angry Birds‘.

There is also no shortage of recipe books inspired by ‘World of Warcraft‘ either ‘Hearthstone‘ written by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel. These are two projects that take inspiration from the series published by Blizzard Entertainment, attempting to bring the world of Azeroth to life through meat pies, spiced breads, soups and cutlets, from spice blends to appetizers and desserts. However, as the interactive medium matures and reinvents itself anew, it is not surprising that new ways to draw inspiration from it are appearing, even in the kitchen. And this is precisely what The Game Joint has done.