New WhatsApp update: chat filters arrive

If WhatsApp must be recognized for something, probably more than any other messaging or network application, it is that it is constantly being updated to improve the user experience. The last of them has to do with the arrival of the chat filters that Mark Zuckerberg has just announced, both on their Facebook page and through their WhatsApp Channel.

Opening WhatsApp and finding the right conversation is not always a fast, fluid and simple process. Sometimes we remember the message, but not the contact, we look for an address or a date… Although we already have the search option, it is based on precision and we must remember exactly what we are looking for.

To avoid this and still find messages without scrolling through your entire inbox, we now have chat filters. This novelty has the objective of help keep chats more organized You can now find conversations with contacts more quickly, as well as navigate through messages more efficiently.

You can choose between three filters that will appear at the top of the chat list: “All”, “Unread” and “Groups”. The first covers, obviously, all our contacts.

Not read: the option for when we want to quickly see the conversations we have pending.

Groups: Now all group chats will be organized in one place, making it easier to find the ones we're looking for. Subgroups of communities will also be included here.

“We believe filters will make it easier for people to stay organized and find the most important conversations – explained Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook page -, and will allow them to navigate through messages more efficiently. This function is already started rolling out to users today and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.”