New collapse at the Barajas airport due to the massive arrival of immigrants in “patera planes”

The policy of improvisation of the Government of Pedro Sánchez on immigration matters has caused a new collapse at the Barajas airport. And it is that the “patch” used by the Executive in January of this same year to solve the chaos of the asylum wards Given the massive arrival of irregular immigrants, it has been of no use. So much so, that “one of the inadmissible rooms at the Madrid airport completely saturated by the massive arrival of people from Mauritania with the Royal Air Maroc company,” denounces the Justice Police union (JUPOL).

Specifically, the agents point out, in one of the rooms there are “around 60 Mauritanian women traveling with children”. These are people who stopover in Madrid, with their final destination to South American countries, and who request asylum in our country as soon as they land. A situation that is not foreign to the agents who provide service at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, and who are forced to carry out their work in “poor conditions”, in facilities without minimum safety and hygiene measures.

From this union they denounce the disregard of the Government and its Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, unable to meet the needs of the national police and implement the measures and material and human means necessary to guarantee the security and integrity of the agents. In this sense, they insist on the need to activate “transit visas”to avoid the increase in people on flights with a stopover in Spain, who take advantage of the stopover in Spanish territory to apply for asylum.” That is, They demand the end of the so-called “patera flights.”

However, there is a fact that has strongly drawn the attention of the national police and which suggests that the Government was already aware that the collapse of the Barajas rooms will get worse. This is the processing, by urgent means, of the purchase of 400 mats to attend to the arrival of immigrants at the airport. An award, which comes from the Ministry of the Interior, and which is valued at 20,000 euros. A new patch that, in JUPOL's opinion, will only serve to “increase the workload of airport police officers and will mean a decrease in their working and safety conditions.”

Bedbugs, cockroaches, overcrowding, leaks…

In January of this same year, images began to come to light showing the shameful situation in the rooms where the migrants waited for their requests to be processed. At that time, police unions denounced the presence of bed bugs, cockroaches, overcrowding, and even leaks. The Interior's response, once again, was silence.

At the end of the month, the pressure in the asylum rooms was unsustainable and the number of overcrowded immigrants was around 450. The solution? Open a new room. The Barajas airport became a “mousetrap” for agents and immigrants. But the Interior did not react until February, when it decided impose transit visas for citizens with Kenyan and Senegal passports. And 87% of those waiting for their asylum application to be processed were Senegalese.

However, no measure was taken, as demanded by the various police unions, to also impose visas on Moroccans arriving on Royal Air Maroc flights from Casablanca. And all this despite the fact that Marlaska recognized the “fraudulent” use of these flights. Curiously, the same company that, today, causes the collapse of one of the Barajas venues.