NASA plans to bring samples from Mars during the 2030s despite financial challenges

Miami – The POT He indicated this Monday that he plans to bring to the Land during the 2030s the Martian soil samples collected by the Perseverance robot, and at a cost of between $8,000 and $11,000 million, despite the budgetary challenges it faces.

As announced this Monday by the administrator of the US space agency, Bill Nelson, they remain committed to collecting samples, or some of them, that the rover began collecting since it arrived on the red planet in 2021.

The NASA administrator highlighted that according to the budget for fiscal year 2025, as well as the anticipation of future budget limitations, based on the current design of the mission, the Martian samples could not be returned until 2040, a date “very distant.”

However, he noted that they will make adjustments to have them during the 2030s.

“Landing and collecting the samples safely, launching a rocket with the samples from another planet (which has never been done before) and safely transporting the samples more than 33 million miles back to Earth is not a easy task”defended the NASA administrator.