MotoGP 24: the driver market reaches career mode for the first time in its history

At the facilities of Milestonethe respected transalpine digital artisans who are in charge of the official franchise The FIM Grand Prix World Championshipare finalizing the details prior to the release of 'MotoGP 24' on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, coming May 2nd. But in the meantime, they continue to fuel delivery expectations with a significant surprise: the incorporation of the Driver Market in career mode for the next delivery.

A highly requested feature

In addition to improving the dynamism of the main game mode, the feature is intended to increase its longevity and replayability, since players will see their lists updated in each season of the game, thus finding new challenges and scenarios to experience each year. According to the Milan-based developer, the possibilities are endless, since it can be proposed to both the AI ​​and the players who change teams as the seasons progress. Just like in real life, past performances will determine what type of offer you will receive.

MotoGP 24Milestone

Failure to achieve the current team's objectives could jeopardize your place for next season, forcing you to accept offers from lesser teams. In the opposite sense, great performances will be rewarded with first-class contracts from leading teams. It is important to highlight that the behavior of the players on and off the court will greatly influence this dynamic. Rivalries with other drivers, as well as “likes” and responses on a fictitious social network, will, in fact, fuel rumors about possible transfers.

Adaptive difficulty

Delivery too grows in accessibility options thanks to a new “Adaptive Difficulty” system. This dynamically adjusts the demands of opponents based on your performance. That is, the game promises to adapt to the abilities of each user. There are other aspects that have received substantial improvements and, for example, the AI ​​has been refined to replicate the way real drivers approach races.

A season with more depth

In addition to the Driver Market, the development house maintains its intention to continue improving in all aspects, from the graphic plot to more realistic physics or the customization options expected from such a powerful franchise. Now, with the incorporation of the market, a new piece is added, which should give the virtual racing experience a higher level of depth and authenticity.

The video game that brings together all the official drivers and circuits of the 2024 season for the MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 categories, as well as the FIM Enel MotoE world championship, will be launched on May 2, 2024, on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One , PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC Steam.