Milei responds to Óscar Puente's “insults” and reminds Sánchez of his wife's accusation

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, has attacked the head of the Spanish GovernmentPedro Sánchez, in a statement rejecting statements by Óscar Puente, who accuses Milei of “ingesting substances”. In a statement published by the Office of the President of Argentina on its official account of the social network the mandatary“repudiates slander and insults” formulated by Puente during a talk held in Spain and addresses Pedro Sánchez, whom he says that “He has more important problems to deal with, such as the corruption accusations against his wife.”a matter that even led him to evaluate his resignation.”

“For the good of the Kingdom of Spain, we hope that Justice acts quickly to clarify such a scandal of corruption that directly affects the stability of your Nation and, consequently, the relations with our country,” the text continued. The text continues the attack on Sánchez, whom it said “has endangered the unity of the Kingdom, pacting with separatists and leading to the dissolution of Spain; has put Spanish women at risk by allowing illegal immigration of those who attack their physical integrity; and has endangered the middle class with its socialist policies that only bring poverty and death.

The text expresses the wish that “the Spanish people will soon choose to live in freedom again“, since he considers that the socialist model is “the same one” that brought “misery and decadence” to Argentina.

Milei will visit Spain on May 18

Milei will participate on May 18 in a meeting organized in Madrid by Vox, invited by its president, Santiago Abascal, very close to the Argentine president, whom he accompanied on December 10 in Buenos Aires at his inauguration. Puente spoke this Friday at an event on social networks in Salamanca along with another member of Sánchez's Executive, the Minister of Equality, Ana Alonso.

In it, he pointed out that “on the networks you play hard and, if you don't do it, you go unnoticed and are irrelevant” and referred to “very bad people who, being themselves, have reached the top,” like the former president American Donald Trump (2017-2021) and the current Argentine president. De Milei said that she had seen him make some strong statements during the election campaign “when he came out, I don't know in what state and prior to ingestion or after ingestion of what substances“, without specifying more details.

For his part, Sánchez, close to former Argentine president Alberto Fernández (2019-2023), supported the former Peronist candidate, the then Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, in the last elections, and did not send congratulations to the libertarian when his victory was confirmed in November. of 2023.