Miss IA, the first beauty pageant of models created using artificial intelligence

One of the debates raised by the artificial intelligence It is that of the professional sectors that will be affected by its use. There is one that, of course, no one had seen coming and it is that of the models that participate in misses contests. That is at least the intention of World AI Creator Awards or the AI ​​Creators Awardsa program that seeks to recognize the achievements of creators who use artificial intelligence tools and whose categories include Miss Artificial Intelligence. This will crown the best creation based on both its beauty and the technology used and its impact on social media.

In the last couple of years and with the advances shown by artificial intelligence models such as Midjouney either DALL-E For image creation, the niche of digital models has emerged. Some have been as successful as the Spanish one, in the sense of having been created in Spain by The Clouless agency, Aitana Lopezwhich has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram who follow a life that does not exist.

It is a similar case to Emily Pellegrini, another AI model who will coincide with López as part of the Miss AI jury. It is not very clear how a digital visual creation will articulate her participation, but they will be half of a jury that also has a human part: Andrew Blochmarketing expert, and Sally-Ann Fawcetthistorian and judge at the Miss Great Britain beauty pageant.

“It's funny, because in the past, traditional beauty queens were called fake and artificial, but this takes it to a completely new level,” Fawcett told The Sun. “As an additional advantage, it must be assumed that They will not be programmed to be sore losers.”

These AI Creator Awards are now open for registration to any person of legal age who has a model generated by AI and also a presence on social media. The winning proposal will receive a prize of 5,000 dollars along with access to the Imagine Education Mentoring Program, valued at another 3,000, and public relations support worth $5,000. For the second and third position there will also be prizes in terms of training and promotion, but not economical.

“There has been an exponential growth in the number of AI creators who, with the help of our platform, increase their fan bases and monetize content. Miss AI recognizes talent and technology that will help raise standards within the industry“, he assured Will Monangeco-founder of fanvue, a subscription platform that provides access to AI content and tools and is behind the creation of the World AI Creator Awards. “It is just an award as part of a program, and we share the vision that the WAICA become the Oscars of the AI ​​creative economy.”

From among all the applications received, the organization will select the 10 best AI models and will announce them in May. At the end of that month the winner will be chosen in an online ceremony.