María Zurita and the Bourbon noses: once upon a time there was a lineage attached to an appendix

María Zurita stole the show at the recent funeral of her cousin, Fernando (Coco) Gómez-Acebo.His majestic nose had mutated into a new and harmonious physical appearance. With a calm, elegant character, without imposture and naturally spontaneous and friendly, the first cousin of Felipe VI has clearly explained that she has had surgery to correct a not serious, but annoying, deviation of the nasal septum. And in passing, she has taken the opportunity to solve an aesthetic problem, the heraldic and emblematic physical feature that characterizes the typically Bourbon face: the very characteristic and unmistakable nose.

María Zurita at the funeral of Fernando Gómez-AceboGTRES

If we briefly review the images that we preserve of his ancestors and his current relatives (Fernando VII, Carlos IV, Leandro de Borbón, Don Juan and his three children, Infanta Elena, Princess Leonor or Froilán, to name a few), We immediately notice the common character of the nose that, almost without exception, they share.

Ferdinand VII
Ferdinand VIIPrado Museum

Even more. When contemplating the ancient portraits of the Spanish Austrians, related by direct line to the Bourbons, we were amazed at the prominent nasal appendage of Philip IV and Charles II.

Don Juan de Borbón
Don Juan de Borbóngetty

And frozen with horror we are left before the images that show some of their most distant ancestors, both the Transylvanian Vlad the Impaler, the Sevillian Muhammad al Mutamid and the Mongolian Genghis Khan, also bearers of the unmistakable Bourbon nose.

Leander of Bourbon
Leander of BourbonC: PastranoThe reason

It is very clear that we are in the presence of a dominant gene, such as dark eyes over blue, wavy hair over straight hair or the tendency to gain weight over thinness.

  King Juan Carlos
King Juan Carlos Javier LizonEFE Agency

Maria, who She is a woman who exudes warmth and kindness, has not avoided the debate that it knew beforehand it would generate. In addition to explaining the process of his aesthetic change, he has stated that, if he had been aware of the discomfort that the treatment would cause, he would not have done it. The daughter of the Infanta Margarita is one of those women without strident beauty, with an apparently neutral expression, perhaps somewhat cold and distant, but with wisely measured and efficient attractiveness. She was not missing at Coco Gómez-Acebo's funeral and there were those who even asked if it was really her, such was the effect achieved by her change. And the question was not long in coming: what type of treatment had she chosen? Even her forehead seemed more harmonious and balanced integrated into the rest of her face. Rhinoplasty or rhinomodeling? The question is not trivial.

María Zurita before having a nose job
María Zurita before having a nose jobJesus G. FairThe reason

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Mary breaks with an imperturbable and immovable nasal tradition in the face of kings and aristocrats. She is the first Bourbon, perhaps, to make the decision to give up her characteristic nose that, for good or bad, has imprinted character since the dynasty existed, even before.

Felipe Juan Froilán at the wedding of José Luis Martínez Almeida
Felipe Juan Froilán at the wedding of José Luis Martínez AlmeidaA. Pérez MecaEuropa Press

In accordance with her subtle style, Felipe VI's cousin has preferred to leave a doubt about the scope of the method. As an extremely glamorous and discreet socialite, adept at quiet and discreet luxury, has unwittingly become a propagandist for rhinomodeling. It is less invasive than rhinoplasty, with the disadvantage that its practice requires a lot of skill as it is basically extremely weighted hyaluronic acid injections, always carried out by a professional with reputable experience. Although the treatment is substantially cheaper than the classic rhinoplasty and must be renewed every year, it opens a new path in the difficult and not free of dangers universe of aesthetics.

With its new image, María Zurita represents the novelty, the silent, the non-garish glamour, the unexpected appearance after a mysterious absence, the international cayetanism of the cradle, the mystery partially revealed. But then, has the Bourbon nose gone down in history?