If you have an “N” on your Android mobile you have to know the functions it has

Even the most “savvy” with the new technologieshe would have gotten involved with the multiple functions that have been integrating mobile phones in recent years. However, we want to explain to you what the “N” icon that appears on many Android devices means..

The letter is identified as a small icon that may appear beside from others, such as those that tell you that the alarm or the WiFi connection is activated. In fact, this icon serves to indicate that one of the important functions of the mobile is active.

Whether it comes out or not depends on each layer of personalizationwhich means that, depending on the manufacturer, It may or may not appear when you have this function active.

What is the “N” icon?

The “N” icon that appears in the taskbar of your Android means that the NFC It is activated. Bliss wireless technology It is used for communication between devices. Its name comes from the English acronym “near field communication”, because it only works for communicate devices that are very close each other.

Therefore, if you see it small on your mobile screen, it is not that there is no problem, it will simply be because this function is active. On some terminals, NFC can be activated or deactivated.

What use is it?

As we have indicated, the icon shows you that NFC is activated. This technology it is very usefuland can be used from exchange files or contacts between devices even to make payments with your mobile or use it as a transportation card by bringing it closer to the reading device.

If you use a lot NFC, the most convenient thing is to always have it activated. In fact, some manufacturers do not display the indicator because they understand that the normal thing is to have it active. However, the NFC It also has dangersand some criminals could inadvertently bring a reading device close to your cell phone to interact with it.