Many Apple Vision Pro buyers are returning the product after discovering that the glasses do not allow them to view pornography

3,499 Dollars, that is the starting price of the most basic version of Apple's new virtual reality glasses, the Apple Vision Pro. Despite the initial impact of reading so many numbers together, North American buyers have lined up to be part of what seems destined to be the next great invention in the world of telecommunications. The heir to the iPhone at all levels.

February 2, 2024 was the designated date, at the moment only in the United States, for the launch of Apple's great technological bet looking ahead to the next 10 years. Immediately, social networks were filled with buyers' reactions to the “infinite” possibilities offered by the invention.

From generating multiple screens out of nowhere where you can enjoy your video games, to people walking with them down the street while observing things that other mortals cannot, similar to a “Cyberpunk” dystopia. The possibilities and cultural change that can be sensed with the popularization of this invention are only limited by the imagination.. Everything is possible, everything, except for a small obstacle that Apple has been eternally prohibited from its plans, which, like it or not, moves the public's interest: The pornographic industry.

Apple has never allowed pornography on its devices

And from the portalredditThousands of users have spoken out following a debate thread with the title “Has anyone managed to watch pornography on the Vision pro?”, the responses have been very varied, but the one that stands out the most and the one that has crossed the famous forum towards other social networks is the one given by the user On-The-Red-Teamreferring to them as a chastity belt worth more than $3,5000. The icing on the cake in the forum has been the users who have shared their product return process,

Some users claim to have canceled their order and even returned the glasses.

Despite the hopes of many regarding the possibility of some computer “hero” who breaks the restrictions of glasses to be able to view pornography through some program, it is going to be difficult to break the barriers of 2D to be able to enjoy a more immersive experience. Not even in Apple's official search engine, Safari, is it possible to access sites like Pornhub and this comes from a long time ago, since Steve Jobs decided that pornography was not part of his company's plans almost 20 years ago, labeling it as a “moral question”his successor Tim Cook, despite never having spoken on the matter, seems to maintain the same idea as the father of Apple.