Diet for hypertension

Diet for hypertension

Hypertension is an increasingly widespread threat in developed societies, and the problem is that the majority of those affected are not diagnosed. To minimize risks, there is nothing better than adopting a heart-healthy diet, consisting of replacing salt with spices such as oregano, thyme, pepper or garlic. Avocado is a miracle food for controlling tension, just like celery and banana, one of the fruits with the highest potassium content.

In a diet that keeps hypertension at bay, seeds with omega 3, such as chia or flax, should not be missing.

Carob or cocoa?

For people who frequently suffer from migraines, neither caffeinated coffee nor cocoa is advisable, which is why carob flour is the ideal substitute, since it also does not contain fat, an added benefit. Cocoa, for its part, is tastier, it is a delicacy that provides potassium, iron and magnesium, as well as protein. Thanks to dopamine, cocoa relaxes us and provides lasting pleasure. Of course, the only recommended cocoa is raw, organic, without additives or added sugar. It should always be consumed in moderate doses.

Rediscover vetiver

Some great-grandmother must have told today's older generations about the aphrodisiac effects of vetiver and its effectiveness in lifting the spirits. But vetiver is much more: it is a profound plant grown in Africa, Asia and South America, rich in essential oils, which reduces the appearance of spots on the skin and stimulates circulation. It is moisturizing and nourishing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic; with an earthy and citrus smell in perfumery.