Israel-Iran conflict: These are the three drones most used by Israel to carry out attacks

First came Iran's attack on Israel, then came the Israeli response, and now hostilities and fears are at their limit. While Iran announced that it had shot down drones in the latest attack, there are not many references What type of unmanned vehicles would they be?but the most likely thing is that, if they have really shot down drones, among them will be some of the most used in the country.

Although it is very difficult to obtain exact figures of Israeli unmanned aerial vehiclessince reference databases, such as the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and the Military Balance of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, do not contain solid figures.

However, it is known to be one of the main users and manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles in the world, and as a country with a very high average operational tempo, it is fair to assume that Israel is one of the largest operators of armed unmanned aerial vehicles in the Middle East.

A few years ago it was estimated that Israel represented more than 60% of international exports of unmanned aerial vehicles during the previous three decades. In terms of proliferation, more than 50 countries are known to operate reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles, manufactured in Israel, although, except for Turkey, none are from the Middle East.

Although official Israeli policy is not to mention armed operations of unmanned aerial vehicles, The country operates at least three types of unmanned aerial vehicles that can be armed and have been used to carry out regular attacks against militant targets: the Heron TP, the Hermes 450 and the Hermès 900.

Drone: Heron TP UAV

Heron TPIsrael Aerospace IndustriesIsrael Aerospace Industries

Manufacturer: Israel Aerospace Industries

Quantity: 10-15

Battery: more than 30 hours

Payload capacity 2,700 kg

Range: 1000 kilometers

Hermes 450 UAV

Hermes 450
Hermes 450Ebilt SystemsEbilt Systems

Manufacturer: Elbit Systems

Quantity: 20-30

Battery: 17 to 35 hours depending on model and payload capacity

Payload capacity: 180kg

Range: 300 kilometers

Hermès 900 UAV

Hermes 900
Hermes 900Ebilt SystemsEbilt Systems

Manufacturer: Elbit Systems

Quantity: 10-15

Battery: 36 hours depending on useful load

Payload capacity: 300 kilos

Range: 1000 kilometers