Huawei drives the 5.5G era with its commercial use

“The 5.5G era is here”. This was the statement they launched from Huawei at the end of 2022 and it can already be said that this is, today, a reality. And the Chinese giant has taken another step to promote digital transformation through this bridge between 5G and 6G, offering a complete range of products and solutions for multiple scenarios at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held this year in Barcelona. In this way, from Huawei are committed to working with global operators and industrial partners to meet the challenges and opportunities of the “future smart world”.

5.5G is expected to enter commercial use in 2024. So let's build today's networks for tomorrow's applications to advance the smart world,” explained Huawei's corporate senior vice president, Li Peng. In this sense, the digital infrastructure of this new world will be integrated into the industry and, in general, in society, posing new business scenarios and “increased requirements for network capabilities.”

The goal of this company is to help build ubiquitous networks that are “efficient, collaborative, green, stable and intelligent” so that operators can offer a “high quality” experience. Collaboration in the sector will take intelligent digital transformation to “deeper” levelswhich will soon mean that society in general will find itself in a “totally digital” world.

5.5G push

The Smart technologies are developing rapidly and are becoming more prevalent, creating new opportunities for industries. This is why 5G is “very advanced”, since this technology has achieved reach 1.5 billion users in the last five years, while 4G took almost a decade to achieve similar figures. Currently these users generate 30% of all mobile traffic and contribute to 40% of mobile service revenue.

Likewise, this digitalization has also rapidly promoted 5.5G, enabling innovative business models. In this way, from the Chinese giant They expect that by 2030 the smart economy will exceed 17.4 trillion euroswhich will mean a “new wave of opportunities for the sector.”

“Huawei has also collaborated with global leading operators and industrial partners to find innovative solutions that meet the increased requirements of new 5.5G applications and scenarios,” the company explains. China, the Middle East and Europe are the main operators which have already verified the advanced capabilities of 5.5G in a “wide range of scenarios” such as smart connections for people, homes, vehicles and stadiums.

“Together, we will drive 5G business and foster a thriving industrial ecosystem, creating a new era for intelligent digital transformation“, they said.