Ferrari's secret plan that threatens to blow up Formula 1

The butterfly effect is a metaphor used in theoretical physics that underpins chaos theory. “The flapping of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane in another part of the world”… With this simple phrase we can summarize what the butterfly effect consists of. Small actions capable of generating big changes, positive or not… That is exactly what Lewis Hamilton has caused in Formula One.

This change not only means the departure of Carlos Sainz from Ferrari, but also opens up a range of possibilities in what promises to be a particularly hectic transfer season. Mercedes' search for a driver who can fill the void left by Hamilton and return the German team to its golden era of dominance between 2014 and 2021 places Fernando Alonso in the spotlight as a leading candidate to partner George Russell .

However, Ferrari's movements go beyond the British driver and threaten to cause a tsunami never before seen in the Great Circus. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Maranello-based team will try to add several essential protagonists of Red Bull's success. All of them are key engineers in the formulation of the car that became almost unbeatable for the rest of the teams in the paddock. In the report, which was made from the city of Jeddah, location of the competition circuit that crowned Verstappen the winner, It is indicated that the Italian team “acted quickly to intensify contacts with several members” of the F1 champions.

A long list of names

For Ferrari, it would be ideal for Hamilton He will arrive accompanied by Red Bull technical chief Adrian Newey, one of the names that could choose to leave the team after the internal conflict between the director, Jos Verstappen and the consultant Helmut Marko, a decisive piece in the framework of the internal conflict. F1 journalist Joe Saward has already taken to X, formerly known as Twitter, to claim that things could get even worse at Red Bull and speculated on the future of Red Bull technical director Adrian Newey amid the Horner controversy . “We have long believed that Christian Horner and Adrian Newey have contracts that protect each other. If one leaves, the other can too. This has never been confirmed, but it constitutes an interesting dynamic if something were to happen to Horner…” he assured. The Briton has revealed that both have clauses to protect each other and in the event that one leaves, the other would have complete freedom to do so. Also, although the British engineer, current technical leader and one of the most important figures on the team, has a contract, would be within their rights to execute an exit clause

But while this is taking shape there are already other names, linked to the success of Red Bull, containing the secret plan of the Prancing Horseaccording to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

one would be David Morgan, director of on-track aerodynamic development at Red Bull. He is responsible for configuration choices as well as the execution and interpretation of aerodynamic correlation data between the track and the simulator.

Another name is Ben Waterhouse who plays the role of Chief Performance Officer, effectively supervising all vehicle dynamics. We could say that he knows perfectly the adjustments and operation as well as the internal configurations of the suspensions, which allow the RB20 a perfect combination of dynamic and aerodynamic balance.

And finally, another Italian coach who could be among the candidates for a transfer to Maranello is Alessandro Germani, current head of aerodynamic development for the team, who has been at Red Bull for nine years and has risen through the different ranks of the aerodynamic technical staff, a profound expert in CFD (computational aerodynamics) simulations.

If the plan went ahead, Ferrari's blow would be lethal.