How to gain space and speed on a mobile by emptying the RAM and storage cache

The cache of a mobile phone is a storage space, temporary or permanent depending on its location in the hardware, that the operating system uses to store recurring usage data. Thus, the cache that is stored in the RAM It is the one that saves which applications are actively using and those who need access quickly. This is volatile and disappears if the device is restarted or enough time passes after the application has been in use and the operating system deletes it.

The one that is kept in the storage unit of the mobile phone, on the other hand, is permanent. It is data that applications used regularly but do not need to be accessible all the time in memory of RAMfaster than internal storage drive. If the phone is restarted, they remain in order to speed up the operation of the applications without having to download them again.

The cache memory is an integral part of the operation of a mobile, but when it accumulates too much data and Its size is excessive, it may harm the performance of the device. Whether it happens with the one stored in RAM or the one in the internal storage unit. If you notice slowdowns in operation or an app does not work correctly, it is likely that the reason is in which you have to manage a cache that is too large or, in the second case, that the data stored in the app has a problem.

Delete cache is complicated on iOS and easy on Android. In a iPhonethere are some apps that give that option in their settings, for example Safari, but there are not many. For the rest you have to delete the app and reinstall itwhich is quite cumbersome.

Android, on the other hand, allows know how much it occupies and delete the application cache stored on the internal drive and in RAM. They are two independent processes and for the second it is necessary to activate the developer options on Android.

Clear internal storage drive cache

Clearing the cache on the internal storage drive. Alfredo Biurrun.

  • Opens Settings on your Android mobile.
  • Tap on Storage.
  • Click on Applications.
  • Select the app you want to clear the cache of. In section Cache You will see its size and to delete it you must tap Clear cache.

Delete RAM cache

Clearing the cache stored in RAM memory.
Clearing the cache stored in RAM memory.Alfredo Biurrun.
  • Opens Settings and tap on About of the phone.
  • Opens Android version and click ten times on Build number to activate Development options. A message will inform you that you have done so.
  • Back up to SettingsChoose System and then Development options.
  • Click on In action to access information about running apps.
  • Tap on the icon three points in the upper right corner and select View cached processes.
  • Android will show you the total amount of cache memory in RAM and also application by application. Select one that you want to clear the cache and then click Arrest to free up space in RAM.