How to activate the secret button on the back of your mobile and what you can use it for

There is a function particularly useful that most current mobile phones have and that, however, is little known. Maybe because he hasn't been with us for too long. It came first to iOS 14 in 2020 already Android 12 the following year. This is an accessibility feature that allows enable a “secret button” on the back of the mobile that can be linked to certain actions to perform them quickly.

This function allows, for example, to use two touches on the phone case, anywhere, to turn on the flashlight and three touches to open the browser, without having to go through menus. It also allows you to take a screenshot, open the camera, your most used app or start the mobile assistant. Double tap and triple tap can be linked to a wide variety of actions that make using the device faster. It is not a physical button, but a simulated one; The mobile uses its sensors to detect the gesture that the user is making and responds to it.

In the case of Android, it is not a feature that is in all brands, but depends on each manufacturer. If they have it Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi and Google. In the case of Motorola and Google phones, there is a double tap option but not triple tap. We explain how to activate it in each of these cases and also in the iPhone of Manzana.


  • Download and install the app Good Lock from Samsung on your mobile. You have it on Google Play and in the Galaxy Store.
  • Select the tab Life Up and then the module to register and install it.
  • Enter the module to register and select Back-Tap action.
  • Activate the slider and click on Double Tap and Triple Tap to link double and triple taps with the actions you want.


  • Open the app Motorcycle from Motorola that comes pre-installed on your mobile.
  • Click on Gestures and then in Quick start.
  • Activate the slider and tap on Settings to select which actions you link to the double tap.


  • Opens Setting and tap on Additional settings.
  • Choose Gesture shortcuts.
  • Click on back touch and choose which actions you link with double and triple tap.


  • Open the Settings and select System.
  • Tap on Gestures and then in Quick touch to initiate actions.
  • Activate the slider and select which action you link to the double tap.


  • Choose Setting and then Accessibility.
  • Click on Tap and then in Back touch.
  • Choose Double tap and Press three times to link those gestures with the action you want.