heavy rains and drop in temperatures from this date

This first weekend of June A front is injecting cold air and temperatures have dropped across the board., except in points in the southwest, where they have reached 35-36 degrees. In addition, showers and storms have gained prominence in the north and east of the peninsula. What will the weather be like next week? It will rain?

Next week will start with a generalized rise in temperaturess, more pronounced in the north, with values ​​that on Monday will already exceeds 30 degrees in the east, center and south of the peninsula and the 32-34 degrees in the southwestand. The heat will increase until Wednesdays, day on which the 32-34 degrees in much of the territoryeven at points inside the Cantabrian could exceed 30 degrees on Wednesday and 36 degrees in the Guadalquivir Valley.

During these first three days of the week, some atmospheric instability, with the possibility of stormy showers in isolated points of the eastern peninsula, especially in mountainous environments and preferably in the afternoons. From Thursdaythe AEMET advances that it is possible that a atlantic storm exert influence on the north of the peninsula, giving rise to rains and showers in that area and in points of the east and with temperatures that will drop in the west and north of the countryto later tend to recover.

For its part, tiempo.es indicates that on Thursday a small Atlantic low accompanied by another trough I could arrive through Galicia and travel through the northern peninsular, which could favor a more unstable second half of the week, with showers and storms in the north and east of the peninsula. Regarding temperatures, the meteorological portal states that temperatures will rise until Wednesday. Starting on Thursday, with the possible arrival of this low and the trough at altitude, the thermometers would begin to drop again.

Temperatures will tend to drop this Sunday in the southern third

For now, this Sunday the north of the peninsula will remain under the influence of a wet flow which will cause cloudy skies or with cloudy intervals on the Cantabrian slope, upper Ebro, north of the Iberian System and the Pyrenees, with some weak rainfall in the eastern Cantabrian Sea, although they are not ruled out in the rest. There will also be morning clouds in the eastern area of ​​the northern plateau and in the interior of Murcia and Alicante, with slightly cloudy skies. In the Strait and Melilla these will be more persistent, with the possibility of drizzle.

In the afternoon cloudiness will increase in the east of the peninsula, around the Central system and the western Cantabrian region, the southern mountains and the Balearic Islands, with probability of some showers in the northeast of Catalonia, although they are not ruled out in Mallorca, southern Iberia, inland Valencia and in the Béticas. In the rest there will be slightly cloudy or clear skies, except for some intervals of low clouds in the north of the Canary Islands.

Maximum temperatures will tend to decrease in the southern third of the peninsula, where Malaga will register a maximum of 23ºC, although Seville will maintain 35ºC and Córdoba will reach 34ºC. They will increase in the rest of Spain, especially in the northeast of Catalonia and in the Pyrenees area and the Cantabrian Mountains. As for the minimums, they will remain with few changes, with an increase predominating in the Canary Islands and a good part of the northern half of the peninsula, and decreases in the rest. Finally, the AEMET foresees Intervals of strong wind with very strong gusts on the coast of Galicia and around the Strait, without ruling out Ampurdán and the coasts of the southeast of the peninsula.