How many years of Android updates do Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, OnePlus and Oppo offer?

One of the common recommendations in terms of cybersecurity is to keep the software always updated. This, in the case of mobile phones Androidcan be a complicated issue given the disparity that manufacturers have traditionally offered in terms of updates, both those of the operating system, with each version change that is released Googlelike those that are only for security.

Since the age of 7 Pixel 8 per year that many low-end mobile phones offer, there is a world of difference, but the situation has improved so far this decade and the brands They offer more extensive support than was usual in the previous. We review what the main manufacturers currently provide.


Google gave the surprise last October when it announced that its then new Pixel 8 would receive nothing more and nothing less than 7 years of Android operating system and security updates. The largest figure offered by any manufacturer today and which means that a mobile phone that has reached the market with Android 14 will be updated to version 21 in 2030. This new policy does not cover previous models that still have 3 years for the operating system and securitywith the exception of Pixel 6 which has 5 of the second type.


The operating system updates offered by Samsung reach up to 4 years in the case of high-end models such as the Galaxy S, Z, Tab S and some of the Galaxy A. In its mid-high range mobile phones, lower to 3the mid range to 2 and for the low range it stays at 1 or none. Security updates reach 5 years for your best mobiles, while descending to 4 in the medium-high range and offers 3, 2 or 1 in the lower ones.


The popular brand currently offers 4 years of Android updates for the Xiaomi 14 and 13, 3 for the Xiaomi 11 and 2, 1 or none for the rest. Security updates remain in 5 years For the high-end models of this and last year, 4 for the Xiaomi 11T and 2 years for the rest.


From 2023, some high-end models have begun to receive 4 years of Android updates. The rest remains in 3. That year, the Chinese brand also increased security updates to 5 years. For the rest, 3 years.


The Chinese manufacturer has been offering since last year 4 and 3 years of operating system updates for their high-end mobile phones, depending on the model. Go down to 2 for the mid-range now 1 for the downgrade. As for security, they are 5 for high-end models launched this year and 4 for the previous ones. For the rest of the models in your catalog, 3.