“Expolevante Níjar is the perfect showcase to show our quality”

What has made you decide to have a presence at Expolevante?

Expolevante Níjar is the perfect showcase to show the world that ECAMED (Mediterranean Agricultural Ecology) products prioritize quality, sustainability and are of maximum guarantee. Furthermore, it is important for us to have direct contact with agriculture in the Almería area; In this way we can see the problems of the sector in the region to always be able to offer the best solutions in real time.

What perspectives and news do you come to Expolevante 2024 with?

ECAMED's perspective is to improve, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the visibility and credibility of our company, in addition to allowing us to establish and build a clear presence in our target market. We will also obtain a lot of information in a short time, we will be able to take the pulse of the market, learn about current and future trends, and, of course, create new leads, attract new clients and, consequently, build a more established and recognized brand.

But, above all, the most important perspective for us is to be able to provide solutions to the latest problems that have occurred in agriculture and to verify firsthand the degree of satisfaction of our customers, with immediate feedback regarding possible improvements in our products.

This year, the novelty that ECAMED offers is the possibility of carrying out field trials with studies in our laboratories to adjust the products to the specific problems that have arisen for the farmer.

The visitor who comes to Expolevante 2024 will be able to find ECAMED at stand 43-44 in Pavilion 1 of the fairgrounds.ECAMED

What will those who visit your stand at the fair find?

The visitor who comes to Expolevante 2024 can find us at stand 43-44 in Pavilion 1. There they will find a young company willing to listen to each farmer who wants to present their specific problems to us.

Who can benefit from ECAMED proposals?

We address the farmer who fights every day to improve the quality and quantity of his harvest, in favor of increasingly healthier foods for the final consumer. Precision agriculture is based on decision-making based on detailed analysis of crops, their characteristics and resources to improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce the environmental impact of the sector.

At ECAMED, our priority is the search for innovative solutions that provide security and dynamism to the sustainable development of organic agricultural products and, at the same time, we are at the forefront of the market through advanced ecological technologies such as biodynamic systems, adapted microorganisms or products systemic.

At the fair, the company will learn about the problems of the sector in the Almería area in order to offer the best solutions in real time.

What are the company's plans for the coming years?

Our future plans are to continue expanding to all corners of the planet where we can help with our research. At the same time, we will continue working under the guidelines of quality certifications such as CAAE, ÖKO or DEMETER. As a result, we are currently listed on the FIBL lists of the Organic Farming Regulatory Council, which provides access to data collected as part of its annual survey on organic farming around the world.

How do you envision the future of organic farming in our country?

The new EU plan for organic farming brings together a series of measures aimed at renewing agriculture and linking it with the environment and public health. Although agricultural problems are widespread throughout the world, Spain has its own signs of the future, namely the variety of crops recognized by its climate and soil. The most important are cereals (wheat, corn, barley), olive trees, vineyards, fruits (especially citrus fruits) or vegetables (tomatoes, onions, peppers…). The agricultural yields in Spain reflect the potential of organic farming, which is becoming more important every day. We believe that 100% of agriculture will soon use organic and zero waste products.