Hispanidad with Gibraltar

Readers of the “Planet Earth” column have already heard about it for some time: the Prize on the topic “The historical presence of Spain in the Americas”, which was awarded to the undersigned by the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain (RADE), last November. This recognition was formally presented to me on June 5, the day before yesterday, in the Paraninfo of the UCM.

In the words of acceptance that I said when receiving the award, for my work as the author of three books (one about Balboa, another about “Hernán Cortés, giant of History”, and the third, “La half of the world that was from Spain “), I referred to the almost incredible history of Spain in America. How, based on the Treaty of Tordesillas (1494), in just 80 years, the Spanish were occupying the Spanish hemisphere of the Treaty in the three Americas and in the Pacific Ocean, the “Spanish Lake”, with the Philippines, Moluccas, etc.

It was the most immediate and globally accomplished world conquest, to create a new mestizo Hispanic civilization, of five viceroyalties: Hispaniola (Colón), New Spain (Mexico), Peru, New Granada and Río de la Plata. With about twelve million km2 and 50 million inhabitants in 1800 – all Spaniards from both hemispheres, according to the Constitution of Cádiz of 1812 –, who were emancipated between 1824 (battle of Ayacucho) and the loss of the war with the United States. (1898).

With 320 years of British occupation of Gibraltar, 18 countries that were part of the Hispanic Monarchy are currently as many Hispanic American republics, from A of Argentina to V of Venezuela. And all of them would have to decide if they support the idea of ​​Hugh Thomas and myself – from 2013, Year of Balboa – to once again convert the only colony that exists in Europe today, Gibraltar, into Hispanic soil. Take note, Mr. Albares, of that great common objective.