Here’s how you can change RTVE’s Eurocup commentators for others on your TV and on your mobile

Last Saturday, the Spanish team began its participation in the Euro 2024 with a resounding victory against Croatia. Despite the excellent debut of Spain in the competition, many fans have not been satisfied. And not because of the performance of the players, but by RTVE broadcast.

The corporation has the rights to broadcast all 51 matches of the Euro Cup, something that had not happened in 20 years and that allows it to be enjoyed openly through La 1, La 1 UHD, La 2 and Teledeporte. On the Internet, through the RTVE website and the RTVE Play app. It is also the first time that it can be seen in resolution 4K via La 1 UHD. The aspect that has provoked criticism in social media has been the narration of some of the commentators chosen to cover the competition.

The team is made up of Juan Carlos Rivero, David Figueira, Alicia Arévalo, Paco Caro, Paco Grande and Albert Font. These are accompanied by a group of footballers and former footballers made up of Mario Suárez, Vero Boquete, Carlos Marchena, Albert Ferrer, Vicky Losada, Miriam Diéguez, Alberto García and Carlos Marañón.

Rivero He is in charge of narrating the matches of the Spanish team and other high-level matches that will take place, and has been the most criticized for his broadcast of Spain-Croatia last Saturday. Albert Font It has also been due to yesterday’s Germany-Hungary match. But others like Paco Caro, on the other hand, have been praised for their narration of Croatia-Albania. The most common criticism attributed to the former is a certain lack of enthusiasm in the narration.

If you are in this group, you have the option of setting your TV to watch the game with a different sound broadcast. For this, it is necessary enter the TV’s audio options and choose another sound trackthis option is often presented as audio language.

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Many controllers have a shortcut with a button labeled VOsince its usual use is to listen to the original language of a movie or series. If any additional audio track appears, Select it to listen to the National Radio broadcast.

As RTVE has announced, this option is available in the RTVE Play app and on the RTVE website in its RTVE Play section, not in the streaming that the user finds when accessing the website. You just have to click on the audio and subtitle options icon in the app or audio on the web and select Rne.