“El Yoyas”, wanted and captured since November 2022, detained in a farmhouse in Barcelona

The judge has sent the former contestant of the television show to prisonBig BrotherCarlos Navarro, known as “El Yoyas”wanted since November 2022 for alleged abuse and injuries committed against his ex-wife Fayna Bethencourt and arrested today by the Mossos d’Esquadra and the National Police in L’Anoia (Barcelona) .

According to police sources, “the Yoyas” was hiding in a house in the Anoia region and has been arrested after organizing a device in which More than 30 troops have participated of different services: Active Fugitive Search Group (GRAF), ARRO and Canine Unit.

Since his escape, Carlos Navarro He was permanently hidden and took many self-protective measures to avoid being located and detained.

The search and arrest order was issued by Criminal Court 5 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, for violence within the couple.

In April 2021, the Las Palmas Court confirmed the sentence of five years and eight months in prison imposed by a court in Gran Canaria on Carlos Navarro after finding him guilty of a crime of habitual abuse and four cases of assault committed against his ex-wife, Fayna Bethencourt, in the presence of their two children, as well as two minor crimes of harassment and threats.

The defense of “El Yoyas” challenged the ruling handed down in December by the Criminal Court number 5 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria by questioning the evidence on which the conviction was based and denouncing that the testimonies of his children had been guided by the mother, who he said had “kidnapped” them.

Former Big Brother contestant

Carlos Navarro rose to fame after his participation in the second edition of the Telecinco program “Big Brother 2”. He is remembered as one of the most controversial participants to have gone through the program. In that edition he met fellow contestant Fayna, whom he would marry years later, starring in some violent scene for which he had to be expelled and earned the nickname for his well-known threat: “I’ll put two yoyas in you.” .