HBOMax clarifies what will happen to the 50% lifetime discount when you switch to Max

At last the mystery was revealed. Or most of it. Max has provided the date and other details of his disembarkation in Spain, which will take place next May 21th. It will replacing HBO Max, which will become part of its catalog as part of Warner's and along with Discovery and Eurosport. There will be much more content, approximately double the current content and also the single subscription model is abandoned which has had first HBO and then HBOMax in Spain since its arrival in 2016 and 2021, respectively.

It was in the conversion of HBO into HBOMax when the platform launched a promotion to attract new users that promised a 50% discount on subscription forever. Those who took advantage of it have been able to enjoy it without any problems to this day, but with the transformation of HBOMax into Max, the question arose as to what was going to happen to it and if the new platform would maintain it.

The answer, as was seen last January with the landing of Max in South America, has been affirmative. “Current users who have subscribed to the HBO Max lifetime discount promotion will keep their discount (on the price in force at that time) as long as they keep their subscription active and comply with the terms and conditions of said promotion,” said Pablo López, Senior Communications Coordinator of HBO Max in Spain. However, this will not prevent them from paying more due to the new subscription model which, curiously, does not fully reach Spain, although it is hoped that it will do so later.

Max has explained the new plans, but not their cost. The equivalent of the current subscription will be the plan Premium and there will also be a plan Standard which reduces the number of playback devices from 4 to 2, has a maximum resolution of FHD instead of 4K, loses Dolby Atmos sound and limits downloads from 100 to 30.

The plugin will also be available Sports with access to Eurosport 1 and 2 content, but The Basic Plan with Ads will not arrive in Spain, unlike in other European countries. In terms of features, it is like the Standard with the addition of advertising and a better price.

Discount conditions They do not contemplate the change of plan, so users who want to maintain it must do so on Premium. The prices that Max finally establishes will decide Whether the 50% discount promotion is still profitable or not.