Goodbye to green: WhatsApp changes its design and introduces a new navigation bar

It's been almost a year since we first heard from him, but the new design of WhatsApp with its also new navigation bar is already being deployed to all users of the application in Android. It is not that users of iOS are left without it, but they already had it in their version for a long time. With this change, WhatsApp unifies the design between the two versionsalthough not completely, and improves the usability of the tools for Android.

WhatsApp has maintained its iconic green color at the top of the application's interface since its inception. Now this is replaced by the white and the navigation bar moves from the top to the bottom and is presented with new design and options.

Thus, the navigation bar with the tabs Communities, Chats, Status and Calls happens to contain those of Chats, News, Communities and Calls, in this order. All accompanied by their respective iconssomething that previously only happened with Communities, and in a more accessible position for the fingers of the hand with which the mobile is held. As the company explained in X, “to make it easier to access what you need when you need it.”

The only differences that remain with the iOS version is that the order is different in this and that the application menu button is included in the navigation bar along with the rest of the options. On Android, it stays where it's always been, in the top right corner of the screen.

In the space that has been left free where the navigation bar was previously located, they now appear filters to select between all conversations, those containing unread messages and groups. The camera and search icons remain unchanged next to the three vertical dots menu.

The state They become included within the section of Newswhich also presents the contents of the channels that the user followswhile the rest of the navigation tools offer the same as before.

To access the WhatsApp redesign on Android, it is necessary to update the application to the version from Google Play Store.