Germany – Scotland (5-1): Germany is back

FranceSurely, she is one of the favorites to win the Euro Cup, for Mbappé and why he is a World Cup finalist; England, for the weight of history and for its players; maybe Spain, if things go his way. And from now on, Germany. It is strange to demand the cotton test to put the Germans in the group of favorites, but after years of disappointments and without finding the way, Germany needed a match like the one they played against Scotland: a resounding and happy victory, with a superiority that left no doubt and a series of players determined to change the last few years of madness. Germany had lost pedigree, but now no one is going to want a cross against the team of Neuer, Rüdiger, Kroos, Kimmich, Musiala, Wirtz or Havertz. They are the names of other years (more Kroos)but now they do sound like the historical tune of Germany: that of the team that wins and wins and little else can be said.

So Scotland's party lasted as long as it took to start the game. Before, in the streets of Munich, in the bars where beer was served, in front of the cameras, throughout the city and also in the stadium, the Scots celebrated the best that football has when the ball is not rolling: that feeling of community and even more so when it is done in places where football matters beyond the money received in exchange. Throughout the day it was a joy to see the Scottish fans celebrating that they were there, happy to see the game.

In the stadium they were heard more than the Germans before the match began and the first ten minutes. Later, it was seen that the joy of the fans was inversely proportional to the strength of their team. Scotland went through the game without saying a word until their final goal, trapped very close to their area and suffering with each change of play. Kroos.

Your party, like the ones he played with Real Madrid, was the first of the last and the entire team's game passed through him. His presence on the team has changed Germany. He gives it meaning and probably also the winning spirit with which he arrives after his season in the real Madrid. The almost ex-footballer played very comfortably; He took a few steps back, no one pressured him, he touched the ball a couple of times, raised his head and put it where he wanted, on the other side of the field. Germany, thus, was very wide and Scotland's defensive effort was worthless. Germany opened the field to finish inside and Scotland saw the ball run without having any prominence. Nagelsmann Before starting the competition, he wanted to make it very clear that his goalkeeper was Neuer and that Ter Stegen, despite his quality, had to stay on the bench. Against Scotland neither of them could have played and nobody would have noticed. That was Scotland.

Kroos started, cleared rivals, gave clarity and Musiala and GündongaThey didn't do a lot inside. The first goal was a goal kick: Kroos to the right, where Kimmich appeared, who placed it parallel to the line of the large area. Wirtzpay attention to that footballer, he hit him hard, with the inside.

The goal of Musiala It was the opposite: an inside play, which was cleared up with a wonderful pass from Gündogan. Germany has too many resources to do harm and a team that only presents optimism and good humor is dead. Musiala, pay attention, also, to how this footballer can get out of the Euro Cup, made a hole in the goal with his whiplash. The third goal was worse, because it led to the expulsion of a rival defender before half-time. What Scotland was missing. Havertz scored the penalty.

Then he came out Füllkrug, scored a goal and had another disallowed. AND Emre Can he made the fifth: to show that the substitutes are just as fearsome. In case the message was not clear before: they are back

Germany-Scotland: result, summary and goals