EPA announces $3.1 million for cleanup at former metal recycling facility in Toa Baja

Installation Scorpio Recycling, Inc.in Toa Bajais among more than 100 places in different jurisdictions in the United States that will receive more than $1,000 million in federal funds for cleanup projects, the organization announced this Wednesday. Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, in English).

Scorpio Recycling, Inc. is part of the National Priority List Program Superfund of the EPA, which groups together sites that represent a threat to public health and the environment due to the different degrees of contamination they exhibit. In Puerto Rico, there are 19 active sites on the Superfund list, according to the agency.

The money for the projects, which comes from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act (BIL), include disbursements for new cleanup plans at 25 Superfund sites, continuing with other cleanups at more than 85.

“People who live in Puerto Rico have seen firsthand how transformative the Superfund program can be for communities”he pointed Lisa GarciaEPA regional administrator, in written statements.