ENVALORA and FEDETO join forces to help companies in Castilla La Mancha comply with the Royal Packaging Decree

ENVALORA and FEDETO have organized an information day in Toledo this week to resolve the doubts of companies in Castilla La Mancha with

regarding the new obligations derived from Royal Decree 1055/2022 on packaging and packaging waste.

The conference was attended by Esther Haro, General Director of Circular Economy and 2030 Agenda of the Department of Sustainable Development of the Government of Castilla La Mancha, as well as two other people from its management, with companies affected by the new regulations of packaging, and also with other agents such as a waste manager in the region.

Royal Decree 1055/2022 on packaging and packaging waste obliges companies that use industrial and commercial packaging to transport and sell their goods in the national market, or import/acquire packaged products intra-community, to organize and finance the management of the waste generated by the packaging they put on the Spanish market, which is known as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

Leading project

As a result of this and other legal obligations that these companies must comply with, ENVALORA was born, the leading collective system for industrial and commercial packaging, reusable or single-use, and any type of material that currently has more than 900 member companies and the support of 22 sectoral and business associations.

Manuel Madruga Sanz, general secretary of FEDETO, opened the day by welcoming all attendees and especially thanking the presence of the general director of Circular Economy and Agenda 2030, as well as the participation of all company representatives: “This day “Aims to continue training companies to comply with the new legal requirements on the management of waste from the packaging they put on the market.”

Marcelo Miranda, president of ENVALORA, emphasized the importance of joining the SCRAP as soon as possible: “ENVALORA is a solution so that companies that put industrial and commercial packaging on the market can collectively and efficiently comply with the new packaging regulations, before December 31. More than 900 companies have already joined ENVALORA, including important companies from Castilla La Mancha, the region where the application for authorization to operate is being processed.”

Esther Haro highlighted “that its general management is not only there to guarantee that the legislation is complied with, but to accompany, disseminate and listen to companies and their needs. Envalora has chosen us because Castilla La Mancha is a benchmark in assuming Circular Economy models,” says Haro, who committed that “an effort would be made to streamline the procedures so that Envalora can obtain authorization as soon as possible to operate as “Scrap”.

New obligations

After the inauguration, the Circular Economy coordinator of the General Directorate of Circular Economy, Pedro Manuel López, explained in detail the new legal obligations included in the Royal Decree, covering both collective (RAP) and individual (packaging declarations and obligations). in invoices), which will mean important changes for companies. For her part, Isabel Goyena detailed the functioning and operations of ENVALORA, focused on seeking maximum efficiency and promotion of the circular economy of packaging.

At the round table, the speakers – representatives of important companies located in Castilla La Mancha such as Clariant Ibérica Produccion, Danosa, Saint – Gobain Placo and Isover y Logística Ambiental – presented the benefits of having the support and knowledge of ENVALORA to correctly comply with the new regulations and the challenges that production companies must face and the role of waste managers in the new legal framework.

ENVALORA is the Collective System of Extended Producer Responsibility (SCRAP) that allows packaging companies to comply with the legal obligation to organize and finance the management of industrial and commercial packaging waste that they put on the market.